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Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

for more than 10 people also have the ride of the tub, transport ships, huge ships, etc., as well as for personal travel, with a variety of color and appearance of the vehicle by the players create a dedicated career after the beginning of the role of panel on the left to see skin color, Argo Goldhair color and major appearance items, while the right side is the ratio of the body and face, a total of 33 can be freely adjusted. When the energy is sufficient, click the corresponding button to release the energy pack just choose one of three capabilities (offensive and defensive, to fly), and the energy will dissipate with use, so the core must be gradually filled with new energy. No matter what the core of Bean camp or the camp of the same functions Sigmund Chrysler crystal mine, by a miracle of energy, “Planet of the drill,” the processing, the task can take Daguai or solution obtained when the “Planet of the Diamond” film.Currently “ARGO” Taiwan does not spread news agency, like the game has two completely opposite scenario, the unique backpack system, and the energy of thousands of ten thousand kinds of tasks the player can advance to the overseas edition of experience.In addition to weapons, different skills, the ability to value each occupation is not the same talent, natural ability to value can be divided into skill attack, normal attack power, physical defense, defense force four kinds of nature, like soldiers side system of physical defense Players enter the game one must first choose one from the two camps to play, good camp can not change the decision. In the remnants of the human camp “that Bean” major development in the territory of steam civilization everywhere to steam-powered high-tech facilities; and mutations of human camp “Flo Chrysler” is to use the power of nature, territories are high, and the natural defense power is low. Do not worry, as long as the character level to 11 to take the horse task, like “that Bean” camp here after the completion of access to basic horse – steam locomotive and repair tools. Methods and use of equipment mounts the same animal calls, animal calls in the call interface, you can call different name before officially launched on its behalf, except in sit?? Ride to launch skills, attention.Describes the original game in the peace of the earth has experienced a huge war, “Diego” only after the world’s human population survived the war Noble Leon, and contamination of the mutant Floresra, two races in order to survive the confrontation, camp contribution, not because of time constraints no longer dwell on the full experience. , magic system: expert (Scholar), bomb soldier (Bomber), Hunter Department: explorer (Explorer), Hunter (Chaser), support systems: Paladin (Paladin), Priest (Priest). Left to right is the bomb soldiers, mad soldiers, explorers, priests, Guardian, Paladin, experts, huntersMgame said the next player in the “Diego” game world, will have the option to experience the past and the future of the shuttle’s new time travel experience. must learn enough basic skills to open more powerful, more violent fire high skills. Other skills as well take risks,Argo online gold produce two, adventure skills (Adventure) is the player to explore a new adventure map and get points reach the specified level before learned, and production skills (Production) is divided into two major categories of production and gathering, collecting in subdivided into dig mines, fishing, logging, rock shop to buy a one-time collection tools to collect items from the field, that is, the manuscript can buy 10 ore dug 10 times as long as the continued use of production skills, be able to accumulate sufficient experience Other professions also take it easy, to 15 will receive a similar task. attack to attack with a monster, but very powerful. But the better thing to use the higher cost, small series to obtain the actual test using the basic task of horse, the rate of energy consumption of the core is to use three times the amount of energy backpack, and the horse will wear long-term use, the need to store The majority of the scenes, “Diego” If people can not stand will not mount, although the energy can be used to increase the speed of flight, but flight is slow and interrupted flight will be attacked so many people can not stand the design. despair when they discovered the miracle of energy to change the “Planet of the drill (Earthdium)”, a more intense battle broke out.Into battle, each job can freely specify the use of three types of weapons, press F1, F2, F3 key to switch at any time without delay. The first task after the NPC dialogue with designated hunting monster returns already have completed, reward from the novice “attack (Attack)”, “defense (Armor)”, “Flight (Dash)” 3 种 backpack, select one kind of energy, as well as “Diego” is the ancient Greek mythology adventure aboard the famous ship in the name. The public, “Diego,” the first promotional video is a fantastic atmosphere in the forests of shining gem for the beginning, and then show the time machine concept, emphasized by the game will allow players to a special system to solve the task at the same time, is a magical presence.”Diego” game is set in the harsh environment on the planet, describes the remnants of the human camp “that Bean (Noblian)” and the camp of the human gene mutations, “Freud Chrysler (Floresslah)” due to lack of resources and war in enhance the level. Slowly beginning to understand the game in accordance with task instructions way, cheap argo online goldthe auxiliary system to 5 job after receiving the summon task is complete choose science and technology, biological, or creation of which three types of species, very different appearance and ability various repair tool, so consider carefully before using your own money. When reaching the next level 30 character can map into the enemy’s forces from the neutral to kill other players or friends and all kinds of driving a giant transport ships and siege weapons around anywhere, they can not only get money, equipment, but also enhance the When the role of 1 point per liter there is a vocational skills (Class) number of points, there will be 1 point for every five camp skills (Nation) points to distribution points, both mining skill tree, at least for the choice of more than two routes, Animation is riding a steam locomotive into the shuttle players in the jungle, the system will reach the place of a simple mission statement. The positioning of each job is different from the latter part of the country regardless of war or a team practice to be with each other. The role of a good squeeze, ID will officially start taking good, “Diego” and risky! Two camps each scene is completely different territory, although small series play on both sides, but the following first order “that Bean” camp to introduce. to experience the “Diego” game world in the past, present and future.South Korean game development company Mgame public yesterday in new sci-fi online role-playing game style, “Diego (tentative translation, formerly known as ARGO)” website, and released to the shuttle in the past and the future “time travel” to publicize the concept of first game Mgame scheduled to be released in July will be held in the new, release, “Diego” more game content and message.Department: Wizards (Shaman), Druid (Druid). Left to right is the fighter, up people, shamans, shooter, Warlock, Druid, rogue, defenderCareer choices, gender bound to adopt the system, the two camps are fighters, magic, hunter, aids the Department a total of eight career option four, then Bean camp with soldiers Department: Berserker (Warrior), Guardian (Protector) the necessary core (Core), equipped energy backpack can see the shortcut bar on the right after the core energyspace will increase, while the core is used to fill the energy. magnificent skills. , to towns to pay to complete the process.The Flo is the fighters line Chrysler camp: Gladiator (Taurus), defender (Defender), Hunter Department: archer (Sagittarius), Rogue (Rogue), magic system: Daren (Elementarist), Warlock (Warlock), auxiliary , first press the P key to open the call before the animal interface, players will be asked to Quganmingzi its behalf, the future will help players to Daguai level will improve as the adventure together. The same general MMORPG, are using WSAD to control the direction of movement of the role, the space bar jumps, while the mouse is the conversion angle. Future players through the game’s official website, master, “Diego” more of the game screen and content.Players will choose warrior, hunter, magic, or adjuvant therapy in different occupations, but no matter what occupation to choose, you can wear clothing fossil energy sources to enhance their ability and energy to help clothes, resorted to all kinds of must fight to maintain the survival of key minerals race,buy argo gold which began after another war.