Science-fiction style games, “Argo” new video game announced

South Korean game makers Mgame exposure science fiction today online role-playing game style, Argo Gold“Diego (tentative translation, formerly known as ARGO)” open a new wave of game films, game combines science fiction, role-playing and strategic concepts content, players will experience in the game to the two races and intense confrontation in order to survive the process. Mgame7 13 in Seoul, COEX Convention Center, the new year will be released “Brand New MGAME 2009”, introduced the “Diego” game content. Game description of the Earth because of the war and lost hope for the future, the whole environment is being destroyed by war and pollution, then the rest of Earth’s surviving humans NobleLeon, with turmoil at the time of the war led to a strong mutation Floresra, the needs of both sides to make a living must compete for key minerals to maintain racial survival.

Game combined with tasks in the form to guide the player to achieve a common goal,the player in the game can travel back through time to past or future. Mgame that game design to mechanical and technological fantasy world, based on fossil energy sources with clothes and backpack system to help players move and display their skills; Argo online goldIn addition, the game combines the strategy-based battle system. “Diego” also has a variety of personal vehicles and people carriers, such as for more than 10 people aboard the tub, transport ships, huge ships, etc., as well as diversity of color and appearance of individual vehicles. Developed by the Korean Mgame in sci-fi style online game “Diego,” scheduled to start for the first time in Korea, 14, closed test. “Diego” is Mgame’s new development in the first five games to start testing the game. Mainly in Greek mythology, the game of the famous “Diego number” in the name of this ship to be boarded metaphor magic shuttle era and into the future technological civilization.

Set the game mainly because of the war and the global environment contamination, surviving humans Noble Leon, and the turmoil at the time of the war led to a strong mutation Floresra, the needs of both sides to make a living, we must fight to maintain the survival of key minerals race, resulting in a intense survival war. Mgame that specific game world of war and survival of two races,cheap argo online gold players will be able to experience it first closed beta. Mgame said, “Diego” for the first closed beta test will be 14 invited professional players to the core system of testing, the official is also scheduled to be ready after the second wave of testing, the official website will be recruiting 6,000 players participate in the test, pre-28 Day debut. Mgame said the game open before the test, hoping for the first time the test will be closed, “Diego” charm to convey to the players. “Diego” to describe the Earth’s remaining human Noble Leon and the two gene mutations Floresra survive the fierce inter-ethnic war, a sci-fi style of the world, and can travel through time from the past and the future of a unique design.

“Diego” emphasizes a combination of units and elements of resource management, integration of real-time strategy elements; to production units, players need to collect resources. Mgame said, “Diego” from the December 28 service officially launched in Japan, the role of test data before the public in the official listing can be saved, the game system in Japan using free argo gold“Diego” officially on December 28 in Japan.

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