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Cheap Aika Gold Teacher

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Just one child, of course, very happy. Also felt that the two women, aika gold one headmaster, one is his own teacher, the reason for quarrel, but they are in order I just sub-ah! Ouyang smile wanted to let him to go to her bedroom office “education” is not really to criticize him, aika gold , and he thought that Wu is a beautiful big sister really want to criticize him Ouyang smile, a kind of “beauty rescue hero “The feelings in her eyes and tone inside the flow.

Ouyang smile, see Hsiu-Mei Wu Guozhen Gang teacher asks to go and tried to step forward, force a teacher to push Hsiu-Mei Wu, Hsiu-Mei Wu a teacher herself a flash, just the child rushed out his hand, the stabilized Wu sister. Wu sister looked at in a grateful smile Ouyang, said: “Thank you, Ouyang, director of care ah!” Ouyang Yi Leng smiled then.

She seemed to be thinking, Wu Guozhen Gang Caidui beautiful should be grateful, ah, Guozhen Gang Fu Zhu her! Hsiu-Mei Wu a teacher to look over its sentimental looked Guozhen Gang, lowered voice, said: “just the child, should I not be grateful for what Ouyang, cheap aika gold , director of Mody? If it is not like pushing her hate me, and I still do not get your arm . Honestly, I really just wanted to let you sub-arm with,C9 Online Gold, has been walking, but I also want you to hold … … ”

Ouyang smile, see Hsiu-Mei Wu Guozhen Gang relationship between the teacher and so intimate, eyes flashing with vicious jealousy of light, a pull Guozhen Gang left arm,buy dragon nest gold, said: “Do not you listen to me, then it?” Wu Guozhen Gang looked beautiful, Miss beautiful smile,aika online gold a reaching, pulling his right arm, smiled toward Ouyang said: “Ouyang Officer, Do you want bullying Mody?

Guozhen Gang, but my students, how education students I am more than you have the power! are not as good as the current official control, you do not understand this principle and Recall? If we ban things you want to directly intervene in the words of … … ” “Pooh!” Ou-yang Shao-Shao’s face suddenly emerged in a ferocious group of color, moving Hsiu-Mei Wu cursed: “You die of old age and no one dry old maid, but also dare to his aging mother fool of myself here,aika money, I’ll tell you Hsiu-Mei Wu , Guozhen Gang students is a good student, yes let’s schools the best students the most potential one, I do not want him under the direction of education in your life astray! ”

Ou-yang Hsiu-Mei Wu a surprise, swore on the laughs, and then look next to the crowd of teachers and school buildings in all windows stuck in the head one by one male and female students, Wu was very beautiful and the teacher put a kindly face years, said: “Ouyang director of the elderly since you said so, then I have no way Guozhen Gang today’s lesson on the ideological and moral education classes into it, but this section was added after a language lesson, the time set at 21 o’clock today! place in my office! ”

Saying this, the teacher Hsiu-Mei Wu Chao-gang sub-squeezed squeezed eyes, eyes shining with desire of color, it appears that the child has just issued some kind of right, and then turned away without looking toward the classroom building. “And so on! Wait a minute!” Ou-yang Hsiu-Mei Wu smiled hurriedly toward the teacher said: “Since you say so,buy ffxi gil, then so good, and Guozhen Gang you are now back to their classrooms before it, today, 21 o’clock, in my office I give you a good chat! “say this, Ouyang smiled just the same towards the son of squeezed squeeze eyes, look inside his mouth,atlantica gold, a trace of the same desire to look Ruoyouruowu also issued some sort of hint. Just the child can not help but Yi Zheng, Ouyang smile, director of the expression change may really快啊No wonder young age has already become the school’s headmaster! He stood in the middle of two teachers, and said nothing, only looked at two teachers on how to continue to fight over him.

He saw the faces of the teachers Wu beautiful and moving trace of pan slightly angry,aika gold, and she toward Ouyang Director said: “Ouyang director said to me you just said, and scolded also berated, you should educate Guozhen Gang, then I have as you , and I put a positive school hours Guozhen Gang give you, accept your so-called moral education, but you are not right, why always told me to go head? Is what I have offended you, it? ” Hsiu-Mei Wu Ouyang smiled to the teacher’s words to choking.

Paused,aika money, Hsiu-Mei Wu a teacher also said: “Ou-yang, director, and now has more than twenty minutes of class time, you can now with the ideological and moral education of the Guozhen Gang!” Finished, Wu beautiful teacher turned around, away toward the classroom building. “Hey, Wu teacher, you wait!”

Ou-yang Hsiu-Mei Wu, director of re-Huanliaoyisheng for “Wu teachers,” the tone has softened up and said: “Now, after all, is class time, you are right, let Guozhen Gang first go to formal classes on it, anyway,aika money, has been delayed for so long! let me use his spare time to educate him, because I have more time to spend is less valuable than your time … … Well, you … … ” cheap aika gold Hsiu-Mei Wu where the teacher can listen to Ouyang smiled, then long into the classroom building and started the lecture. Her golden bell-like sound across the classroom windows lavished on the campus, like a beautiful song in general.

“The students are good!” “Good teacher!” “The students could please sit down! Having just dealt with some things Let’s class, so, wasted everyone’s school hours, please forgive me! Today’s lesson then, let’s self-taught, self-what on the self-study section of” Don Quixote, “excerpt, in the self-study before this, I would let you introduce the character Don Quixote, Don Quixote is a very stupid person … …”

Hsiu-Mei Wu Guozhen Gang listen carefully to the voice of the teacher lectures, can clearly hear the Wu teacher’s voice contains an unusually strong sense of pride, she said, “Don Quixote” stupid, seemingly smiling at the laughing Ouyang, director of folly.

Look Ouyang smiled, saw her face Fudong Zhao extremely angry, and her exquisite gold Nafu pair of glasses behind the clear eyes, it seems that is also a strong movement of anger. Just the child can feel a woman vying for the hearts after the failure of a man feeling the pain, can feel the heart of the Wu Ouyang smile how teachers hate! At this point, only to hear in the classroom the teacher’s voice again, Hsiu-Mei Wu Chuan-out: “Students, do you think Don Quixote is not folly foolish?” Just listen to the laughter of the students said in unison: “stupid, really stupid! Super-stupid!”

Hsiu-Mei Wu heard only the teacher continued: “Yes ah, and in around us, there are a lot of Don Quixote-like figure, such people behave everywhere revealing conversation with the absurd … ridiculous …” Listening to Wu teachers and classmates are in the heated discussion of “Don Quixote”, just like a child find that all of the discussion around Ouyang smiled this “school headmaster.” The next sentence is also Ouyang smile seems to confirm the newly sub-guess.

Just listen to Tao Ouyang smiled: “Well you have a Wu beautiful, you for not man-days of old maid, that I dared to make oblique accusations foolish, dared to call me absurd, good, let’s wait and see!” Said, a smile pulling Guozhen Gang Ouyang’s hand, eyes staring straight to his face, tone down the suddenly relaxed, said: “just the child, you do not blame me just not cool, right?”

Guozhen Gang 1, hastens shook his head and said: “Ouyang sister, how can I blame you, you are so beautiful,aika online gold, you are so gentle … …” Ranging from just the child finished, Ouyang smile pan and moving ruddy face, her eyes are Shanyue the warmth, the Dow: “You, you really think so? I really like you say so soft so beautiful ? ” Just the child nodded, Road: “Yes ah, I Guozhen Gang never telling lies!” At first the child is telling the truth, but also spell out their minds. Because, Ouyang smiled big sister has never washed his hair too much, she always always protective of himself, fearing he was angry.

Just do not know why the child till now, why he can attract such a forceful Ouyang smile woman! Why is such a forceful woman in front of their own actually so tame!

Ouyang smile was about to speak, I saw the school gate to open to a black BMW. BMW’s door opened, a beautiful girl dressed in a black trench coat out of the car, helping the girl who drove the door, it was LIU Jun light, LIU Jun light face, full of pride and pride, he and Yan Meng stand together, like a returning victorious warriors.

The girl who turned to the time, just look at her son’s face, it was Yin-meng! Yan Meng and Jun Liu saw a light, just look at the child’s mind slightly Deng, Yan Meng dormitory early this morning in what happened once again surfaced in just the child’s head,perfect world coins, suddenly,maplestory mesos, his mind some of Fan Yun, Yan Meng Do with their own the end of those few hours of fighting after they have quickly forgotten the last night of passion and the lingering effect?

Yan Meng Yao really that ruthless? Jun Liu Yan Meng light since we know of me one way or another to her bed, why then the enthusiasm of the Yan Meng compliment it? Oh! Just the child understand, LIU Jun-ray did so precisely in order to his face!

A child, he is a good face-saving people! It is also a good face, unwilling to lose face, Yan Meng and just when the child went to bed, he has not only torn apart with just the child nurtured since childhood friendship, and Friends become enemies, fight, became estranged from. Yan Meng Jin teaching building,cheap aika gold, when the corner of eyes quickly scan the newly sub-1,Buy Requiem Lant, and then, together with the LIU Jun-ray toward the classroom building.

Just the child from the Yan Meng’s eyes seemed to see the touch of sarcasm! This is a mockery of what it? Oh! Just the child in an instant of time seem to understand one another the truth: Yan Meng and his slept with many women who, like she did not love their own!

She just wanted to hold our own! Like many men, how they will fall in love with a prostitute eolian world do? I am a prostitute Mody? Not! If the child is just pimps, aika money,seemingly a metaphor has a small error!