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Aika game evaluation and the Raiders game evaluation page

Monday, June 20th, 2011

cheap aika goldBefore the start nagging .Why give such a high rating –aika gold to overturn the traditional Korean tour, simply because their backward knowledge of the game is also a misconception that the Tower of xx, resulting in 20 + 10 + done back when the renwu.

Some may say it wants to do renwu do so metaphor about: renwu association with the reward system of the extent and wowrenwu neck and neck, and Fu-Nancy (daughter) the early appearance of things (clothes, toys, eyes, etc.) are relying on renwu obtained. Close contact with its own copy of grades, although there is still the same renwu introduced the first no tail, but a copy of renwu, main renwu,

general renwu perfect combination, can be said that the Korean version of wow, but points. Highlights strongest Fu Nancy (daughter), do not be naive to think that a pet is nothing more than make loli form, Fu Nancy (daughter) is also of great help to combat and combat refueling voice, very Meng dead.

And from the screen, gameplay, playability comparison, I totally can not believe the installer is only 373MB (installed as 836MB). Disadvantages: Missing is the perfect pvp, fluency, professional balance (the Knights Templar pvp is weak.)renwu items and common items are in the same backpack, backpack space is always early enough.

Wonderful large country immediately began to fight and raising adorable elf partner, aika online gold“Fran,” said a “AIKA OL” today (2009/4/29) and Gala-Net announced the signing will be officially released to North America, and plans to started operating services in the first half. Gala-Net representative said, by “AIKA” officially confirmed the signing of export contracts with the Gala-Net has Hanbisoft partnership, while also looking forward to Gala-Net can

“AIKA” This war has a colorful content and a variety of “Fran” system recommended to the North American players, they will be properly presented to the front of the players. Hanbisoft pointed out that in the first half of “AIKA” will be order in Taiwan,

North America, Japan, and mainland services, also an overseas distributor in Russia in the negotiations, the positive advance towards the overseas market. At the same time Hanbisoft also pointed out that most of the major MMORPG has a heavy and hardware needs,

“AIKA” games complete the picture quality, with only 300 MB of download size, whether in Asia, North America or Europe are very competitive, conducive to extended to the global market. “AIKA” since last year (2008) formal operations in Korea in December, is still affirmed by many South Korean players, the red banana by the Taiwan agency, will launch a VIP is expected to test the near future.

cheap aika gold“AIKA” emphasis on the war setting is a type of work. As observed for many years down the market did not fully meet the players a type of war game, the player many products even have to know what to fight for, so the idea started “AIKA” production.

The most simple way as a starting point, begin to explore the reasons for the game players need, and a large number of players to interact and to get the reference, and finally completed the main countries fighting this battle system works with the city. Because “AIKA” The original intention is to make war, so also in the pursuit of such vocational setting the idea of planning, the role of the set is divided into soldiers,

three gunmen and Master class, and gender roles were given different feature set . In addition to meeting the unique role of the player for the requirements, on the battlefield were also given their important position. For example, has a strong sword fighter in close combat attack, the main features of the Knights Templar is to have a variety of high defensive skills; magic series is divided into persons and saints are Dark,

Dark with disabilities to use the magic attack, which is the so-called black magic,aika money saints who make up the team is qualified auxiliary roleaika online gold.