Shaiya: Basic Assassin Guide

Ok..Have you considered an assassin? It is not too difficult. Now here is a guide collected from other site, just follow it!

AOE chars tend to find maybe one or two good parties a day, whereas a ’sin can solo all day long. You also need patience. lots of patience. If you get on just for a few hours a day, pagan/orc/guard may be a better choice for you. Well, here is a Assassin guide for the beginners in Shaiya.. I sincerely hope this guide will help you some. Just go through!

For NM, you want 3/2 str/dex. 3/2 dex/str also works, so i’ve heard, but i like my power, and i’m sure you will too.
You have more variety for HM .
The most basic, high-damage build is 5/2 str/dex. It works, it’s simple, it’ll get your target dead. Some people like to add in luck, but the rule with luck is, if you are going to add it, add a lot. Anything under 300 is absolute crap. Anything under 400 is pretty weak. But you have a luck buff, so you can take advantage of that.
The absolute best build you can do is a custom build. That is, not xx per level, but set goals. Say, 100 str, 250 dex, 350 luck with buffs. Lapised correctly, this is a very good build.
If you’re UM, here’s a build i’ve been considering (if you’re a ranger, don’t bother – it won’t work for you): 5 str / 2 dex / 2 luck. All the power of the 5/2 HM build plus 100 luck by 50. At level 53, you’ll have incantation lvl3, pushing you to about 200 luck. Add in 3 level 5 lapis and you have 260. Get a weapon with good base luck ( i have one with 35 so let’s go with that), and you have almost 300. So now, at 53, you have maybe 600-650 damage (no damage lapis added), and a 60% chance to crit. Pretty good, huh? All you furies, try it if you want. But rangers be warned, it will never work for you. i promise.
Note: If you are boring with practising by yourself, you can buy the cheapest Shaiya gold and Shaiya powerleveling to save your time and you will find everything get more easy and interesting. Just have a try. Delivery will be arranged immediately once you make an order. ^^

Muscle Training 3
Rogue weapon power up 3
Relax body – optional, not useful in combat
Evasion ascent 3
Rogue Weapon Mastery 2
Fatal Hit – your preference; i recommend keeping it at 1 until 50. if you want longer charge time for longer combos, up it.
Agility 3
Sprinter – optional, i like it at 3. NM has the points for 1
Blunt – HM skill only, get it at 1 for pulling monsters.
Tetanus 3
Halt Kick 1
Drag down – optional, this combo is for taking down defenders – if you’re NM don’t bother
Stun Crash 1
Stealth – 3 if you can get it, and you’re untouchable until you choose to be touched
Trap – 1 if you want to decloak enemy rangers, optional if you want more
Aggravation 3
Venom Crash – see drag down.
Flash Attack – UM only. get it. love it. lvl3 it.
Incantation 3
Potential Nimble 3
Transformation – optional, good for running past monsters. do not get 3, a horse is ridiculously large and easy to see
Slasher 3
Disguise – optional, good for confusing dumb Alliance and getting past monster (that’s right, they do NOT attack a disguised sin!)
Perfect Position – optional, good for duels, not so good for long-term hunting
Fantom Assault 1, 2, or 3. 3 is wonderful
Gruesome attack – see Drag Down. level it to 3 for best results.
Terrible Attack – HM only. TA + GA = very sore defender.
Syeeric Touch – if you get level 60 UM, you deserve this. Use it and watch a defender drop a log.
3. skills to use while grinding

That is fatal Hit lv1, Tetanus lv3. That’s all. When you get into dungeons, use the entire combo. If you’re HM, pull with blunt. You “can” use Halt Kick/Stun Crash (especially on magic monsters, if you must fight them), but they are set damage attacks, and rather low damage at that.
4. What need for hunts

Hunting need Potions. Lots and lots of potions. Set up your skill bar so you can display many potions at a time. i have six potion slots when i PVE. For map areas, use health potions. for dungeons, take health potions, supin potions, and a few stamina potions. i like to take half a page of supins, half a page of HP, and 3-4 stacks of SP.
5. What to avoid

You should avoid Sonic volt, rooted foot, double pain, poison, vital farer, darkness, unconscious. Anything that slows you, stuns you, or poisons you over time. Avoid monsters who you can’t tetanus, avoid monsters who do high magic damage (VIPERS). For a more complete list, refer to page 2, post 4.
6. Parties

Duoing with oracles is great if you don’t want to die. i’ve never personally duo’d with a hunter, but it can be good experience as well, so i hear. The ideal party is a trio – the exp only goes down a tiny bit, with the party power increasing by one-half. Anything bigger than that is annoyingly slow.
Source is here.

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