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Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Insurance online games, “Sea Spirit” came to light Next: Biography of a company heavily in Wuhan, signed DOTA online games “HON” Agent – “AIKA AIKA” and recently announced a new war system – battle system. The introduction of war, aika moneythis battle will be thousands of online games to enhance the country to war more comprehensive and diversified level. The advantages of a battlefield of war. And the “sacred battle” the same, real-time war; 2. Participants can benefit directly by the war; 3. Three modes to maximize the number of guaranteed number of balance; 4. May be players in other countries battle, and with the players from the country can fight; 5. wait for the fighting and in borrowed FPS game (single player shooter) in the lobby of a simple system. [Heroes Square] player must first move to the Heroes Square, to use the battlefield. And military zones west of the battlefield Leikenshaen NPC dialogue to move to the Heroes Square. Heroes Square Heroes Square Panorama players can access by all countries of the square. Battlefield is not just from the nationals to enjoy, but can be nationals of all countries to enjoy the war system. NPC Heroes Square area “AIKA AIKA” the official website>>> [war welfare] holy battle than to benefit the whole country, siege warfare to the monarch and the joint welfare of the clan, the battlefield award granted to an individual player that is the most abundant and direct. Will appear only later gained fame in the battle to buy the props scores. Such props with the existing reputation of the battlefield the same props, is the consumption of honor points and battlefield heroes get medals, and has a strong capacity. Hall screenshots battle [field number] battlefield of war supported 6vs6, 12vs12, 24vs24 war under the number three, the two sides can not guarantee the number of poor as a direct result of the larger contests, more equitable outcome of the decision of war given to the co-ordination between players and competitive technologies. Players can be organized or a single form to enter any battle. Waiting room screenshots battle [war camp] 1. To create the room: the blue team is automatically assigned 2. Entered the room: – If the player and create the room belong to different countries, automatically assigned to the red team – if it is the same country can be In red, blue to make a decision between the two teams (if there are players from other countries, automatically assigned to the Blue Team) 3. two camps when the two countries have decided to (any two countries), only two players belonging to the before entering the room. Battlefield setting screen “AIKA AIKA” the official website>>>aika gold [war mode] mode and the existing team Capture the Flag mode of death of two war mode. The beginning of the game room can be set to establish the time and score the victory goal. Completed within the stipulated time can win the victory target. Death model map: a team fighting the resident area of ??birth point of the two camps of different [technology, tactics, like Less] If you think your technology is high-end sports, hot topic invincible hand, can to an enemy on the battlefield in a hundred That may be wrong. Test of the battlefield not only in personal technology, but also need to establish tactics, planned to attack or defense, which will bring more teams and individuals win. 48 people in 24vs24 battle areas, the tactical layout of which team will directly determine the appropriateness of the outcome of the game. The distribution of the number of each site defense, how many people to assault the other camp, this is the key to victory. [Follow-up development and design their own battle] for the development of the late war, “AIKA AIKA” development team has a similar transformation of the battlefield include the late development of the new system within the process, players can design their own will to battle. For example, start to expand the number of combat or combat areas, such as Capture the Flag mode or set the custom object of the game and so on. After all the regions and by giving all kinds of patterns, players can enjoy the ultimate fun game. Turn】 【AIKA (AIKA) upgrade copy of Raiders of the Vice This great impact on the players, among which the most significant aspects of leveling, a copy of the monster as a considerable number, together with the other players do not like Qiangdian, looting strange, can safely practice slowly, almost amounted to a leveling of heaven; and where the copy is relatively easy to make money, can be said that a lot of advantages in terms of players will naturally want to be able to start such a convenient local practitioners, but because copies have some risk, so in addition to understanding the characteristics of each copy, do not forget the role the ability to enrich themselves first, they are not to put yourself in danger. Multiple copies of the monster and focus on, believe it will be hit the, while leveling the efficiency is very good, but also the relative risk of many. Bayer Union Elementary leveling route farms area “AIKA” the number of copies, the lowest level there are nine monster, so players still have to start the map in the novice patiently higher the level of practice, then go to copy the challenges , risk will be significantly reduced. Players start to go “mushroom farm”, find “Young wild boar,” “Breeding boar” bullying to 4, then went on to play “cowardly evil hamster” “hamster wandering evil” to seven so far, and then went to the “Meng riding tribe” challenge “riding group Kuba Li Meng,” “brutal Kuba Li Meng riding family” until 10, then went on to play “evil hamster” “hamster collector evil” to 12, then can go back to “Leikenshaen”, ready to enter the first copy of the Trial. Ou Sila temple on the first floor into the “Ou Sila temple on the first floor” method: the player can start “Leikenshaen area” dimension of the gate sent to the “Ou Sila Park”, and then walked from the park above the map The NPC “Moya” place, with his dialogue, you can choose to enter the temple. Ou Sila temple on the first floor is a small room composed, each room has a lot of monsters, most of the center will begin distribution in the room, the middle group, each group of up and down, the number of each group about the strange about 3 to 4. The lowest level where the monster has nine, plus the number of many, it is suggested players take the elementary route, the best challenge reaches 12 again would be more safe. Chuang main flow of the copy, is a room, a room to push ahead, advance per level to go down to a room, according to the rhythm slowly Lianxia Qu, experience the value of the gain will be relatively stable; and according to the order of advancing slowly, got to level 18 to 20 is expected to connect to the second floor of the future. But there are several areas need attention after the first is into the copy will not be able to go out from the entrance, want to go out, then use teleport in addition, it is to finish the copy for the job so players can come in before they have to consider your own time, or temporary but have no way to leave very worry about it. Ou Sila temple on the first floor of the map about this way, the Central with a group of four have their own monster. Ou Sila want to enter the temple on the second floor, “Ou Sila temple on the second floor,” Solutions need to have the first floor of the task, winning two leaders to enter, so you can not go in casual, with the second floor of a monster higher than the floor level is only about 1 ~ 2 only, so unless you want to copy brush, or the effect of leveling the second floor than on the first floor is not good, if you simply want to leveling players, not necessarily recommendations To advance to the second floor, the floor is very sufficient. The only good place than on the first floor, second floor, is that the topography of the area is more spacious, each room has a very long between the corridor, providing the player with the monster deal of space, nothing more. On the second floor and become more spacious, but the fewer the number of monsters, is not so good for leveling leveling locations. Yi Keya cave in “Ou Sila Temple” I got 22 or so, to challenge the next copy before the first “Aibigaina wreck” the entrance of a copy of the map, where the level reaches 26, the re-entering the wreck of the lower leveling Aibigaina. Because in this place only train for about 4, it is recommended you only for the “cave crab beast” fight like one to be relatively safe, and secondly, near the entrance there is some blame, the players do not have too much depth; in this Department reaches 26, the can down the level crossing forward. Needs to be stressed is that players do not here to challenge the “Jimai Nasdaq jellyfish,” which can only blame the attack very quickly, once the blood loss will be hit very quickly, so as not to provoke suggestions him. In the cave near the entrance, a lot of crab beast, where the level increases to 26 in the wreck into the challenges Aibigaina copy it. Yibigaina wreck lower into the “lower Aibigaina wreck”, the players can be found near the entrance of the monsters are very close to, as long as the attack one of them, the siege will soon attract other monsters, so this the difficulty in the very high level if the player is not much higher than the monster, it can become very dangerous. The efficiency of leveling at the entrance to very good, the main object of playing a “skeleton Stormtrooper” “Skull Marines,” “Skeleton Archer” “Death Knight” and other monster skeleton system proposed here reaches 29 in the level and then forward a copy of advancing to the second half, and challengescheap aika gold “Skull Battle Mage” until 32, can begin to challenge the next area, “the wreck of Yibigaina top.” Players need to remember is that the number of copies in the monster, fierce and Meng are outside the degree can not be compared, so the players come in at least 26 more before the class, would be difficult to survive here. Underlying skeleton system based mainly on the monster, there are many just waiting inside the small BOSS players. The wreck of the upper level Yibigaina to 32 after, they can come to “the wreck of the upper Yibigaina”, where the monster with as much lower, about types of “monsters therapist,” “monsters Conjurer” ” monsters guard soldiers “and other monsters; these monsters is not a good deal of this plateau, there are monsters with fellow therapist for blood, is more difficult to raise Daguai; so strange when fighting with a group, to give priority from the monsters therapist to start, it will end the fighting dragged on for too long, but also increase their consumption of physical values. In addition, because the copy of the less obvious route, but also many additional small room, once went in line of sight will become very bad, is not easy to control the screen view, believe it is likely to lead to hordes of monsters Therefore, we must be careful before go slowly forward, do not walk too fast. Yibigaina monster wreck the upper level between 29 to 32, scattered in the whole map, if only to leveling, I suggest a good player as long as trained at the entrance, not only within the line of too much rather go bad, and very easily lead to the siege of a large number of monsters, very dangerous; again almost all the monsters level, when a person does not need too much depth, just enough to meet near the entrance of the monster; recommendation could be here hit level 36 or so, and back to the next map. Do not go too far to play here, because the monster would accidentally rushed out from the wall, so that may be dangerous. Sige text desert “Sige Man Desert” will be a leveling of the transition region, because we wanted into the “pit one district,” at least to 44 or more for the job here it must first spend 36 to 41 days and the 41 ~ 44 levels between the three can be to “Lang Beilu mine waste areas” to continue training. Started first “cannibalism cactus zone” reaches 37, the area is located in front of the entrance to the battle not far from River Delta area; and then to “tired & P family of Penguin Village” near hit “tired & P family of penguins Scout,” “tired Cape Penguin guard family, “” tired, Cape penguin elite soldiers family “, where just playing like a strange yellow, you can still experience the value, but also relatively safe,aika online gold when the name change has hit the blue penguin, also player to reach the target level is when the map can change to “Lang Beilu mine waste areas” stick with the. Lang Beilu mine waste areas will come, “Lang Beilu mine waste areas” and then hook, the main purpose is to level raised to 44 only, of course, a safe and efficient way to practice, so I do not