the Aika game in a dream saw a mysterious diviner

, aika gold  so players will interact between functions well, with each other through alliances and interact with each other plunder. Meanwhile, the application also has a well-established association system, can greatly enhance the user’s viscosity and game fun Strategy Games Several terms of the game 1, involves several terms: treasury, soldiers, academic resources, military strength, the total development, class Treasury: State funds used to buy military equipment, the new city construction and maintenance of urban construction, open city; Strength: the number of soldiers used to fight the population by the urban development decisions; Academic resources: an academic research use, the development of culture and technology; Military strength: military strength in war consumption; Total development: the sum of military science and technology (Technology: Development of Science and Technology Project of points; Military: win the war to win points). The total development is the basis for upgrading the game; aika moneythat Level: 1 ⇒ infinite level, according to the development of the total value of advancement. 2, related to the other terms – of, war, urban, military, collection, the domain of God, king, ally Raiders on the war game Survival times, individuals the means necessary to upgrade! Include my troops, allies, arms, can be opponents, allies quantity; My army: their attack and defense values, through the monarch in the regulation of free skill points ► allies: the number of allies will determine how much can I enable the arms! Defense of all active forces in the attack bonus will be shown here! ► I am the strongest attack arms: the arms of the strongest allies of the number = the number of all branches of the strongest arms in the offensive attack will be in active use; ► strongest defense of my arms: the arms of the strongest allies of the number = the number of all branches of the strongest arms in the defense will be used in passive defense. ► involved Points: will receive the money, and military points; ,cheap aika gold if the players follow, the diviner asked the players a few questions, when a player after a few questions answered diviner, the diviner will

decide the players after the journey career. ) This will determine a person’s destiny. ) Is such to be the name of the next life as a soldier fortune tellers. Process in the future, on their own physical strength, combat techniques to protect themselves. Now players will have to leave the carriage, to the outside of the magic array, and this is the irreplaceable magic, will be determined to go! But suddenly, there is a monster attacks the eye loves to play, the player has to make efforts to resist, after several hard end this monster pack up. And we can enter the magic array. The tragic death of flames under the quasi-behind? Into the magic, players can see how their past life died, the original industry we are being killed with a treacherous sword, followed by an elimination of the evil dragon. After a thrilling movie, the play will be back to ancient times the love. Then television sets, refrigerators, etc., have not appeared in our world, leaving only the sword and magic. Ah remember to pick up the ancient dagger, the player first thing to do is to pick a corner of a wooden box armor and a magic scroll. And this magic spell scroll in the player some of the basic equipment in the body. Why not a full set of track suits it! Equipment in the body, players will find no way to go, we have to follow basic fire spells since applied to the wall of the torch lit. When the wall of the torch on fire, the road ahead will be opened at this time, players will have to go in this, (bear in mind that there will be a dagger to give the player along the way pick up and equipment.) By which the dagger, the Play Love has reason to be walking down the stairs, go under, the player will see a very big rats. Mice should eliminate, the best way is to put stone by magic, this magic can be effectively eliminated from within the mouse. When the rats die, the player can jump into the bodies of mice, get money. In took the money, players should see a lever in the wall, as long as the player to pull down the lever, you can open the bottom left of the door. The use of magic to break off some fine linen investigation here, the players should get more goldfish and drug color yellow. Yellow syrup was used to supplement this physical. Get the equipment, players will open the door from opening into just another channel. Into this channel, players can get in a wooden box into a suit of armor. Sign fitted with a bar this Kay! Equipped with this armor, players can also go blind alley to another place. Players should think about what to do. Very simple, as long as the player to use Air Magic shot to the bottle, the player will find that when the bottle fell, the steel doors will open. We then can pass through here. Follow along the road to go down, you can take the elevator to the. (Very advanced ah!) Water control when the elevator after set, players will find the road ahead blocked off by water. Then the player will see the left as long as the investigation of water rise and fall of a control system, as long as the player pressing a decline in water level would be able.aika online gold

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