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“Aika”game graphic evaluation report

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

“Genesis” is the business elite to develop the first game to the elite ability to develop and grow as the center,(aika money) interspersed with commercial warfare, mergers and acquisitions, construction, marriage, kidnapping, security, triads and other unique content, with casual game entertainment system, to players pleasant game environment To modern business as a theme, mixed with living knowledge, business case, language, and many other elements of content knowledge, and create another unique element of the game theme. Blue based colors the entire game, night game under the heart of the city to the top of the interface screen, accompanied by the left in the game golden LOGO, all expressed in the bustling commercial game.

The middle of the game for the game’s main window displays the current interface information; the left column of information for the characters get into the city and the customer service telephone number; the game is the variety of games at the bottom of the shortcut keys; game on the right to work status, chat channel, system announcements, tasks, Chamber of Commerce function key information such as column; the game is to map the head, role, career and other function keys for the game’s navigation bar. The middle of the game for the game’s main window displays the current interface information; the left column of information for the characters get into the city and the customer service telephone number; the game is the variety of games at the bottom of the shortcut keys; game on the right to work status, chat channel, system announcements, tasks,

 Chamber of Commerce function key information such as column; the game is to map the head, role, career and other function keys for the game’s navigation bar. Players take the role by clicking the characters for practice, thereby enhancing the character level and attributes. By increasing the player’s attributes, silver, to create their own companies. In the formation of his own company,(aika gold) players can also commercial warfare, kidnappings, and other means to develop their own management company, which became the world wealthy businessmen. Abduction of the system: the game set up kidnapping the system, it is easy to see the degree virtual reality game, in a real war in the modern business is ultimately ill- intentioned people to use kidnapping as a tool; players to win by means of abduction and other players commercial warfare between players to grow their own family and the company.

Slave system: the slave war strategy simulation game that features set the emergence of a great game to bring a bright spot, the player can be purchased through the slave market, slavery, through the slave to labor, servitude or the comfort to increase their social status and a series of operation. Develop a system: to develop the game in the cultivation system and the other on the fundamental nature of the system is consistent, is to develop in different ways. In the game players can practice to improve their character’s attributes, while the practice is to answer questions the way this model can be said to be unique.

 Business system: as a modern commercial business simulation game, the most naturally with the characteristics of his career business systems, players have to their physical, moral, contacts, knowledge, and hard to reach 5000 to reach 80,000 before silver to form their own company, this set will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the game, the game also features realistic settings Recreation system: some of the game built-in flash game, players can be fatigue, low mood, when playing, to alleviate fatigue,(cheap aika gold) depressed mood, or your own, is a very user-friendly system configuration. Elements of the game’s unique theme, unique characteristics of the system, beautiful picture of the game are highly attractive. The game is set in the casual flash games, the stock market and some unique game setting, maintaining a high degree of enthusiasm for the game player to make the game playable with a high resistance. Mission system by the growth of the game tasks, daily tasks, the story missions from the three major components.

Growth task: the task is equivalent to the growth of other newcomers to the game tasks to a full range of tasks the game allows players to quickly get the setting function. Daily tasks: publishing a daily routine tasks for system tasks, and has a rich reward. Story missions: the story missions to some extent, the task can be seen as an extension of the growth was mainly to teach the players are familiar with advanced features, a comprehensive understanding of the game gradually.

Start with the subject matter, the game will be a combination of knowledge and the game has created a unique element of the game theme, is for the player concerned has a certain appeal. Secondly beautiful picture, a variety of unique characteristics of the system is to attract players to rely on the most important. And R & D team also added a variety of small game, game settings, in some ways,(aika online gold) this point is to raise the important players on the game a little warm. Whether the details, or local settings are not difficult to see on the R & D team the good intentions of the Department. Overall, the “Genesis” is a very good game, worthy of our players went to trial

Will be issued upon aika online gold

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Will be issued upon a protective crystal display, can prevent the Monster’s attack, a strong defense functions, such as Monster is a large number of attacks, will play a significant role. Lightning Magic: Although only be used once, but its attack power, magic power than other players, such as in an emergency will want to use this magic. Fire Magic: The Magic and other Huo-yen magic Huo-yen difference is that this is used for self-protection, can enhance the defense capabilities of the player. Mystery of the Magic:aika gold A from now to the future, and no one knows the magic, what is the usefulness of this magic, and now is a mystery. Invisible Magic: Magic when the players use stealth, the normal Monster players will see, while many fear the fighting could be avoided. Healing magic: in an emergency, if the players would all run out of medicine, healing magic players will be able to save a life, the other can be reduced a lot of unnecessary trouble. Night Magic: The “ULTIMA” world of many, we must act in the evening, but the action is very inconvenient at night, so night vision magic can be effective here, the. Storm Magic: A magic can take advantage of wind power. This magic, once cast, can be blown away by the enemy, or to blow away some of the object. Protagonist of the story I mentioned the game in a dream saw a mysterious diviner, and when the main character waking up after they saw the diviner waiting outside in their own homes. Curious about the attitude of the Lord there, Bianxiang the diviner’s carriage approached. Games will begin at this time, while the protagonist is also so begins the journey. Civilization “ULTIMA” start of the game world, players will find themselves with quite a civilized world, and we are very comfortable to sleep in a bed, and we suddenly remembered, do something, aika moneythat is up to the bedroom so we observed in some. Here we can see a TV, piano, and players can find a book in the cupboard to find some “ULTIMA” world, methods of operation. After the understanding, the player can take the bedroom, and then we need is clothing, because by now we are only wearing only underwear, and wearing underwear how can risk it! Hot key basket in the toilet, we will find some clothes, then put a few pieces of clothing as long as the players pull in their own body, able to put a new set of blue sportswear. Get clothes, players out of the toilet, get in a road into a pocket, and this pocket can be said that the hot key players, while it is divided into ten spaces, if the player can get items and weapons can be put here and then pressing a F1 + F10 can be as long as the use of these weapons and materials out. We need to do is follow down the stairs to the lower, the lower our living room, kitchen and computer room, and players should look into this carefully, because there are things we hard to ah! Bread first want to say useless, in the computer table, players get a golden key, which is the use of this golden key to open the door. Get this golden key, players do not hurry out of their homes, because we also need medical kit, compass and backpack. Stroll in the kitchen, the player can get in the kitchen corner of the medicine cabinet. And the kits can be dangerous when the gamers out applications. Also in the kitchen of another angle in which players can see a toaster, with just a click, will be able to get a loaf of bread, while the player is ignore it, because the bread on our tourism has no function. Universal backpack piercing kitchen, the player to reach the hall, in the hall, players can see a fire, and a few chairs and a TV, small fire outlook Cha Cha, players can find a similar book on top of things in the fire, and Then play the love this thing Paul needs to pull himself will be able to get a compass, get this pointer, they easily lost. Another table in the computer room, the player should look into it a bookcase, the bookcase will be a panacea for the backpack, and why it universal, because the backpack, players can put any thing into here, get the backpack, the We can finally step out of the house. Change the destiny of life in out of the house, players will be able to park in private practice at the shooting range, and get a bow and a lot of arrows. Here how the players can practice my archery. After the practice, players can find a dog near as learning the. After the first dog to kill this, players will be able to exercise another of a range of fencing. Although the players who did not wear any sword, but the player as long as careful view of some, will be able to find the stone in the firing range, there is a stone in the sword, as long as the players wear this on the Sword in the Stone, will be able to play non-ordinary power. This is how we started the journey. A person’s fate to turn the fence, players will have to go, not very far away, we can see a carriage without horses, and here is our destination, into this carriage, the player will see a diviner , diviner will ask you ready, ready,cheap aika gold if the players follow, the diviner asked the players a few questions, when a player after a few questions answered diviner, the diviner will

decide the players after the journey career. ) This will determine a person’s destiny. ) Is such to be the name of the next life as a soldier fortune tellers. Process in the future, on their own physical strength, combat techniques to protect themselves. Now players will have to leave the carriage, to the outside of the magic array, and this is the irreplaceable magic, will be determined to go! But suddenly, there is a monster attacks the eye loves to play, the player has to make efforts to resist, after several hard end this monster pack up. And we can enter the magic array. The tragic death of flames under the quasi-behind? Into the magic, players can see how their past life died, the original industry we are being killed with a treacherous sword, followed by an elimination of the evil dragon. After a thrilling movie, the play will be back to ancient times the love. Then television sets, refrigerators, etc., have not appeared in our world, leaving only the sword and magic. Ah remember to pick up the ancient dagger, the player first thing to do is to pick a corner of a wooden box armor and a magic scroll. And this magic spell scroll in the player some of the basic equipment in the body. Why not a full set of track suits it! Equipment in the body, players will find no way to go, we have to follow basic fire spells since applied to the wall of the torch lit. When the wall of the torch on fire, the road ahead will be opened at this time, players will have to go in this, (bear in mind that there will be a dagger to give the player along the way pick up and equipment.) By which the dagger, the Play Love has reason to be walking down the stairs, go under, the player will see a very big rats. Mice should eliminate, the best way is to put stone by magic, this magic can be effectively eliminated from within the mouse. When the rats die, the player can jump into the bodies of mice, get money. In took the money, players should see a lever in the wall, as long as the player to pull down the lever, you can open the bottom left of the door. The use of magic to break off some fine linen investigation here, the players should get more goldfish and drug color yellow. Yellow syrup was used to supplement this physical. Get the equipment, players will open the door from opening into just another channel. Into this channel, players can get in a wooden box into a suit of armor. Sign fitted with a bar this Kay! Equipped with this armor, players can also go blind alley to another place. Players should think about what to do. Very simple, as long as the player to use Air Magic shot to the bottle, the player will find that when the bottle fell, the steel doors will open. We then can pass through here. Follow along the road to go down, you can take the elevator to the. (Very advanced ah!) Water control when the elevator after set, players will find the road ahead blocked off by water. Then the player will see the left as long as the investigation of water rise and fall of a control system, as long as the player pressing a decline in water level would be able.aika online gold We do not have to jump off the pool water, after the jump when the player will find inside a blue button, as long as the player pressing a launch will see a staircase, the other looking to open a new channel, then As long as the player to climb can be a. Climbed a new channel, has been walking down the stairs, you can see a channel in the channel, all the torches with a sudden, the players will have to fire out using water magic. When a player after all the fires out, went before the statue, and the two torches extinguished the fire can get out here. Zai Yu enemies out of the castle,

aika online gold very rich game

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Genesis 2012, a very rich game content, the player’s point is very much playable. Not only through the “research” and urban construction to improve your game levels, but also through external plunder to enhance their strength. Since the application is part of web games, aika gold so players will interact between functions well, with each other through alliances and interact with each other plunder. Meanwhile, the application also has a well-established association system, can greatly enhance the user’s viscosity and game fun Strategy Games Several terms of the game 1, involves several terms: treasury, soldiers, academic resources, military strength, the total development, class Treasury: State funds used to buy military equipment, the new city construction and maintenance of urban construction, open city; Strength: the number of soldiers used to fight the population by the urban development decisions; Academic resources: an academic research use, the development of culture and technology; Military strength: military strength in war consumption; Total development: the sum of military science and technology (Technology: Development of Science and Technology Project of points; Military: win the war to win points). The total development is the basis for upgrading the game;aika money Level: 1 ? infinite level, according to the development of the total value of advancement. 2, related to the other terms – of, war, urban, military, collection, the domain of God, king, ally Raiders on the war game Survival times, individuals the means necessary to upgrade! Include my troops, allies, arms, can be opponents, allies quantity; My army: their attack and defense values, through the monarch in the regulation of free skill points ? allies: the number of allies will determine how much can I enable the arms! Defense of all active forces in the attack bonus will be shown here! ? I am the strongest attack arms: the arms of the strongest allies of the number = the number of all branches of the strongest arms in the offensive attack will be in active use; ? strongest defense of my arms: the arms of the strongest allies of the number = the number of all branches of the strongest arms in the defense will be used in passive defense. ? involved Points: will receive the money, and military points; consumption of military strength, the number of soldiers Army Strategy 2012 Genesis Needed to combat troops, arms Category: divided into land, sea, air and special branches of the military; My barracks: All my arms, only the strongest arms to the battlefield! My army: my own attack and defense values,cheap aika gold through the monarch of free skill points in regulation; Genesis 2012, the domain of God Raiders To 5 can be opened when the domain of God! Are God’s field operations to help! The mysterious box, academic resources are full, the number of troops is full, the money … … You can easily buy used. The corresponding number of points can be added to the corresponding value Union System First, create & Management Association. 1, the founder did not join other associations, and levels above 20, take 200 centuries beans to create 啦 ~ ~ 2, the founder to become chairman of the default, you can set: 【Name】 Association (Association to determine the name can not be changed !!!!!)

( **** reactionary contain any prohibited ingredients, otherwise it will just delete Association.) Association badges】 【handsome little done to change it back drops ~ ~ ~ ~ 【Notice】 release information to the Association within the Association members know ~ ~ 】 【Appointed vice president, vice president can help you decide whether to adopt members. 【Member】 particularly well behaved expelled person clicks away! Second, join the Society Level greater than 5 and not a member of the Society may apply to join the guild you like, and then wait by ~ If you are familiar with a president, can make him by you, if you do not know anybody, then a few more applications months, waiting for the Society to receive the most love your bar ~ ~ ~ It should be noted that the Association apply for deducted every time the 20th century to the beans … … April Fool’s Day Special events go to participate in giving it beans ~ ~ ~ ~ Third, the wanted system 1, issue wanted When someone bullies you, or he does not look pleasing to the eye, can go to his monarch page click on the “wanted ta”, and then it will be posted to the guild wanted 啦 ~ ~ But in the time wanted to pay a certain “bounty” Oh ~ ~ 10000 gold from the minimum, you can freely add ~ ~ 2, wanted to complete Now you can do this cool】 【bounty hunters career strategy! Just click in the guild wanted the name of the wanted man was the king to enter his home, and then attack him, the first soldiers of the Association will be the number of his hit under 10 members, will be offering a reward of gold and wanted to complete ! Note that he wanted to fight their own people are not wanted by the completion Oh ~ ~ ~ Fourth, the Society to upgrade the system (contribution and loyalty) 】 【Upgrade the level of association values according】aika online gold 【contribution to enhance and contribute to the higher value the higher the rank, grade increased the number of guild members will be able to accommodate the increase in ~ ~ a 50, 2 100 … … 】 【Contribution value after a player joined the guild, according to the experience gained will be a corresponding contribution point value, the Society’s members need to contribute to the value】 【upgrade ~ ~ When the players left the guild, the original value of the contribution when the Society not be taken away. Each player loyalty】 【just joined the guild loyalty is 100, others wanted to complete a loyalty plus 1 to attack a member of the Association of loyalty to minus 1, the President and other members can use this index to determine if they would want him “Please the Association,” ~