Aiak Genesis 1-30 junior-level evaluation (1)

Hello everybody! Because it is the service station,aika gold so the evaluation if there are any out also please bear with me. Initial evaluation is divided into seven it, hear me speak to thin.

A: This game requires configuration
AIKA demand configuration can be as low as you can imagine, has tested the memory 512 can also smooth the game. We see the positive in this review will think that I will cheat a saliva article hits the bar ~ Ha ha. Then you are wrong. For Chinese players, can play a new game smoothly, the machine configuration is a very serious limitation.
AIAK Genesis chose holds many lessons for the world’s leading game engine, the history of the game to transfer files compressed to a minimum. 450MB top of the screen the client, smooth action, skills, and there was very obvious shock effects.
The quality of a gaming engine can be said aika online gold to account for more than 80% of the evaluation. The most basic “no card playing games” is very popular some time ago and the configuration requirements “must be for the machine,” the game is gorgeous and the engine due to mainly the screen too, had to let my 9800GT graphics card in front of it seems so feeble.
In fact the screen does not mean the game will be a good card. Effect depends on the client and server-side between the transmission speed. The speed depends on the size of the file. The quality of the file size depends on the screen. Simply put, a character image transmission speed of one thousand and five hundred figure the difference. Guozhan city war, especially officers to concentrate, need to compress images better Yinqing improve transmission speed to make the game more fluid. AIKA is said to rely on the new engine has to support thousands of simultaneous online play against. And I have not yet participated in such low level of fighting words is afraid to jump to the next section. But it is certain that the 450MB size of the client, to make such a picture. N years of experience I never see online. And really do not card.

II: Professional
If a single ink costs too much employment agencies, we are not taking the word make up the numbers, so be summarized under the bar. Raiders in the future in concrete will be written.
“Male” sword fighter melee physical DPS assisted human shields against the main output T
“Female” human shields Knights Templar T carry the main BOSS.
“Male” physical distance sniper DPS output
“Female” occupations Raiders are remotely Physics Assassin
“Male” Dark disabilities law DPS output
“Female” saint Therapy PS “and so lovely to the cheap aika gold invincible”

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