“Aika” novice Raiders, new must-see

Skip the background story of the game, aika gold,the operating role and wore the green exclamation point next to the NPC “Claire” dialogue to receive the first task, “the first time to see the world.” Katrina NPC dialogue with the opposite task. Then get the next task “use of equipment”, the task will be presented a weapon.

After receiving the next task “items deal”, went to the grocery store commercial weapons will be sold before the gift, then buy “Herb” to complete. Received after the submission of the next task of the task, “the initial adventure.” Fox went out of the city farm would be submitted to the Di Yeke tasks, after receiving from him the first major task “rearing wild boar,” and then you can find next to the young group began to practice your skill of the wild boar.

By killing juvenile wild boar, the role can rise to level 2. Complete the “Breeding Boar”, the time can receive three tasks. Are “missing comrades,” “leather recycling”, “delivery deadlines.” We can eliminate breeding wild boar to finish next to “leather recycling” and “delivery deadlines.” “Missing comrades,” are looking for a sweet potato to the guard fell to the soldiers of the body. Obtained when the wild boar to kill the “crystallization of fire” is to receive the necessary materials when Fran, so do not be selling and destruction. To retain at least a dozen. After completing the “missing comrades in arms” after the availability of a novice helmet. At this time, soldiers in the guard in front of George Leikenshaen can get a job at the “rush order”, through the skills of the task to Leikenshaen study area, where the sea would be to force the player special colonel a task, “Colonel’s gift” to complete the task receive a backpack, aika money,which is very helpful early game, and must be completed. Complete the “leather recycling” and “delivery period”, the role of a smooth rise to the level 3. And receive to the “blue light of the gold” and “mannerisms.”

¬†As the “blue light of the gold” by the award of items to follow up a great need for the “Blue Crystal”, which we repeated the task through to get at least four “blue crystal.” 5, came to the barn, you can destroy the evil hamster receiving a series of tasks. Evil hamster mushroom farm in the east of the barn area 1, where the eradication of evil hamster can also get “Crystal Wind” Fran is also receiving the necessary materials can not be destroyed.

Complete eradication of the evil hamster in a series of tasks, and then receive family Ku Bali attack the task of Montana, Montana Family Ku Bali available through the elimination of “water of crystallization.” Reached 7 to Holmes in the barn at the first step in receiving the mandate to receive Fran “Fran gave birth to the room.” Fran and Irene gave birth to chat rooms to receive “recognized master status” of the task, the task is to eliminate breeding wild boar we were wandering evil hamster and Montana and need to get from them the task of props, to complete the task and returned to Fran birth room, and then Fran will be able to choose what you want. Fran different attributes needed to crystallization is different.

If you have not reserved enough crystals, you can then get out of the city by eliminating blame. Elimination of all kinds of wild boar get “Crystal Fire”, the eradication of all evil hamster get “Crystal Wind”, the eradication of various Ku Bali get the “water of crystallization.” After submitting the required crystallization, the time belongs to you Fran Fran has been a breeding room, you will also need to remove her. aika online gold,Conversation with Eileen, select “Fran gave birth room”, after which the pop-up interface, click the “Enter name” will be able to play a nice name Fran (Note: If duplicate names will not be prompted, more attention. named after the completion of Fran, “Please enter the name” button will disappear.)

Portrait of the following and then Fran “Fran calls Stone” into the bag, and finally the role of information and equipment in Fran Fran interface empty column, Fran will be able to carry around (remember to equip, and Fran characters through the sharing of experience to upgrade Daguai). Eliminated in the barn also received a number of tasks Ku Bali Montana family allows us to enhance the level of success. Raiders in the barn during the task, it is worth mentioning that the “courage of the incantation book” and “Fugitive Kerekou” task because the task 2 the mission objectives are the same, so it can be done together. Kerekou look at his wife on a wheat field east of the bridge. cheap aika gold,Complete the “fugitive Kerekou” Leikenshaen the blacksmith Ting will guide us to limit the level of decline in function of the operation, complete the “Ting’s Gift” series of tasks available to an 8-level weapons.

After level 10 character can go Leikenshaen the SAR, to receive the task to talk with Mark Nuss “has become a national approach”, a people is to create or join the clan of the first conditions. The task is needed in addition to feathers Khalili went destroy the evil hamster tribes east Khalili, other materials (fire crystals and blue crystals) are already prepared previously. Task can become citizens, a people will be able to join the clan, after more countries to serve their country and enjoy the blessings of sacred objects and tax preferential treatment. At this time other players can group together to go on the first copy – Orlais Temple (general) in the adventure.

The upper left corner by Leikenshaen dimensional portal to reach. 10 after the guide went through the task Kay Bant windmill, where you can go to receive a series of “evil hamster tribe” destroy the evil and the evil hamster hamster collector task. Evil hamster tribes in the vicinity of the brave there is a wounded, “Tani Er,” from his side also received the task of eradication of the evil hamster. Complete all the tasks here, the role can be raised to 13, then you can go to the next base, “Joe off the farm sub.” Complete the “wave of bamboo interest in” series of tasks you can get a chest armor. Joe off the farm as a sub-9 Squadron combat positions, aika online gold,often family Kuba Li and Cui Iraq to fight. 9 Squadron in accordance with the instructions of Captain Holmes, struggling to fight against those annoying when not hungry birds of prey, finally completed all the tasks. Joe off the farm to complete the task of sub-quality access to a green breastplate.

Sterling Brindisi is a very special farm farm, there is the evil hamster labor “Anu Pa” and the submission of the Ku Bali “Mutombo.” From here they can receive a series of elimination of predatory birds, hamsters and fighting against evil, sub-family of Ku Bali afternoon task. Because the initiative is to destroy the monster attack, believe it will have been groups in Europe, so the best is the group fighting a few teammates.

After such a long adventure, Fran has almost reached the level of 5, and then she will ask you dialogue that will be mentioned in some of her body felt strange, you need to take her to see Leikenshaen Moya, after the completion of the dialogue can get to this task. Back Leikenshaen, the southeast corner of the map to find Carlos Moya, the dialogue and complete the follow-up to its mission. Fran will be evolved from the spirit of childhood. Early childhood Fran not only of many more than the Wizard to help combat the skills, aika money,but also can be equipped with Fran props. Sterling farms completed all tasks at Brindisi, you can go to Area 4 of the mushroom farm, where the squadron leader met 1 “Face” with his Fran “Ise Germany”, from which they received a lot of difficulties here, the difficulty of The temple Orlais task, it is recommended to set the challenge of difficult Orlais teammates Temple copy.

Complete copy of all the difficult task of the Temple Orlais almost able to put on a green post-equipped. 1st Squadron 4th District in the mushroom farms and wetlands, lizards, wild boar and North afternoon cannibal tribe Kuba Li fight. These monsters are very powerful enemies, but players in front of the heroic are vulnerable. Ise de conversation with, we can get to the “very troublesome job,” before this task will enable us to several locations in between running around is really a hassle, but the final completion of the task will reward a backpack So this is not the task of non-doing. Mushroom farm located south of Barton Area 4 is the next warehouse locations. Here are the captain of the 5th Squadron Zhen De Ma.

Originally planned to attack together with the 1st Squadron sub-family of Ku Bali afternoon, aika online gold, but the half-way to be lizard interdiction operations to form their own situation. As the warehouse has 2 Button repetitive tasks to do, and that two repetitive tasks when the character level over 19 can no longer receive the recommended repeat here the role by completing the first level raised to 19 after the completion of other important and general task.

So you can make your rating more quickly upgraded. After completion of the task here, will be able to map the north to the new map “A Muluo cut special” for a new adventure.aika gold.

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