“Aika” will determine the agent in the current year

May 14, 2008, Shanghai, the first and fun online games upstart South Korea’s largest mobile company,(4story gold) SK Telecom (SK Telecom) in the Marriott Hotel Hongqiao jointly held a “strategy of South Korea SK Telecom signing ceremony of the first injection of fun” conference. In addition to the scene outside the high-level cooperation, the signing ceremony, the industry’s leading companies are also invited to EA China, Epic China, Nvidia China and 2K Games China’s senior representatives, and the financing of the exclusive financial advisor – to witness the fun Renaissance The first successful strategic investment, SK Telecom, South Korea to strengthen the network of cultural exchange important moment.

At the meeting, will be interesting this year, the first announced plans to launch four online games, including a more mysterious, known as “AAA-class MMO international work.” It is reported that “It will be interesting to re-interpretation and the interpretation of the first” localized “the concept of representative works. In developing and operating side of the efforts,(cheap 4story luna) the Department works to literally release players for the changes in China, from translation to screen, to the operation, to the specific rules of the game, all will be demand for the domestic players to modify and adjust the first element, which is the first truly customized for the Chinese game market, the first line of the foreign re-masterpiece. “industry have speculated because of the scene, the scene of high-level EA China, and was a grand introduction, the game will probably be the most recent players to EA’s attention to the “Warhammer OL”.

I also had the honor to watch the conference site, but for this section will launch online games mystery whether the “Warhammer OL”, fine, after pondering it and have another point of view. Although the agent first taste of the product is likely to be EA’s, but most likely it is another to be regarded as a domestic player classic “UO Ultima Online.” “UO Ultima Online” (UO, Ultima Online) is the Origin game company famous for its Genesis (Ultima) series of products for the background created by the world’s first graphic massive multiplayer online role playing games (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, called MMORPG), launched in 1997 in the last century. The game by the Electronic Arts (EA) is responsible for operations, game production company Origin is now one of EA’s studios. Genesis in the network (hereinafter referred to as: UO) in the world, while thousands of people can interact online. A majority of the game world for players to explore, including the major cities and towns, forests, dungeons and other areas. At present there is no clear goal in the game, the most important is to see what players they want to do anything.

 In the game also offers a wealth of career allows players to choose from, including carpenters, blacksmiths, tailors, swordsmen, archers, magicians, shamans,(buy 4story gold) doctors and so on. Unlike many other online games war theme, UO world inside, the designer of a carefully planned and based on the Christian meaning of the eight virtues of chivalry, to promote a peaceful life and mutual assistance between the players. Unfortunately, for various reasons, EA has not officially operating in mainland China, UO. Built from the start of domestic non-government third-party servers mostly by enthusiasts simulation program developed by UO server set up. UO server is now the popular simulation software are SPHERE, UOX, POL and so on. EA has announced th

e official start of the new UO expansion pack, “Kingdom of born again” Beta testing recruitment. This development work is not just a piece of information, developers use a new graphics engine, full of “UO” conducted a comprehensive transformation. UO can be said to be the biggest since the release of an upgrade, the UO expansion pack currently consists of the original development team and the joint development of EA Mythic. The final version is expected to be completed will be released in the year. According to this description, we can see “UO Ultima Online” is with this mysterious masterpiece of the AAA International quality. Age century: There is no doubt “UO Ultima Online” in the online gaming world, gamers have fond memories of him. In the field of online games, the game is the most senior and classic old products, UO appearance, just as his name, a “century”, is representative of a new century, the birth of online games and create. Mutual Assistance, care. This entry is one of UO in the spirit of advocacy “to promote a peaceful life and mutual assistance between the players.”

It is also the spirit of the UO in the best interpretation of the game. Adore Worship. Three profound meaning of the word implies,(4story luna) the first game in UO worship of Christianity based on the spirit of interpretation, the second for the current players of the game’s attitude to this classic. The third also show the current number of game makers are on the UO Gaoshanyangzhi.

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