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Getting Started In Aika

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Go to the Aika website. Create a free account and download the game. Downloading may take a while. After the game finishes downloading, click “Start” on the game’s browser. Log in with your new account name and password. What is more, you can get the cheapest aika money here if you need.
Select a world. Select one of the five nations. Ostyrion and Vanov all have separate characteristics. If you’re an easygoing and friendly player, you may want to choose Lenaria. If your gameplay style is more predatory and vicious, Ostyrion is definitely the nation for you. Those two nations are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The others lie somewhere in between.
Select a channel– either PvP or PvE. Player-versus-player allows killing of players in normal world. Player-versus-environment protects low-level characters(Aika powerleveling) from being killed by blood-thirsty high-levels. You can however flag yourself for PvP when you are in a PvE channel.