Professional Introduction in Aika (B)

Eye of hunting increase the value of the physical attack power hit. Dragon spirit to dragon breath of the soul to improve HP (Aika Gold) limit, and get promoted HP recovery speed. Tiger Kuanghao a certain period of time in and around the players to increase their HP in Aika and MP ceiling. Split to start a prairie fire to the weapons into the anger stirred into the earth to burst, so that the surrounding enemy by physical damage, and reduce speed.
Order Roaring around the enemy by fighting to the physical damage and make it dizzy. Potential within a certain time awakening to upgrade their skills, attack and crit values. [Must maintain a state of violent roar before use] Quick cut barbed bloodthirsty killing the enemy, to target a certain period of time under sustained physical damage and reduce it by a therapeutic effect. And We would provide you the cheapest Aika Powerleveling with the fastest delivery.

Iron wall roar increased in a certain period of time around the players themselves and the physical and magical defense power, and the abnormal state of immunity.
Chop chop chop strong flames by physical damage to the enemy target in a certain period of time and to not use the skills. Hell Lethal weapons from the air, holding down the Spirit in the Quanliyiji make enemies within the area designated by the large number of physical harm.

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