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Sharpshooter detailed explanation in Aika (B)

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Stealth Stealth certain period of time and eliminate hiding his whereabouts the threat posed by their previous value. Wild shooting super-fast continuous shooting. Second chronic toxic bomb the enemy speed down, and continued to hurt. Mourning declared dead soul music the curse of the enemy must be attacked every time would be additional harm. Eye of surprise increase its own value and crit crit damage value. Aika Gold and Aika Powerleveling service are served in our website, you can buy them at lowest price as you need, and our customer service is also the best. Please place an order at any time.
Elegant posture to increase the value of their avoidance. Black Rose some time in Aika to increase your crit value. Curse launch the decomposed nature of the magic bullet to prevent the enemy’s MP and continue to reduce their MP. Order bloody shooting enemies to the madness around indiscriminately. Chen soul into sleep immediately so that the enemy, this time may be an additional physical damage attack. [Action will cancel any attack targets sleep] flash burst flash fired bullets to target and damage the surrounding enemies, and to blind the enemy.
Curse against cure poisonous-gas bombs against the enemy launched a special in a certain period of time instill the value of the treatment effect to injury. Move to the San Yan immediate end to all the skills of the cooling time and skills in a certain period of time after use to reduce the required cooling time. Ripper aimed at the heart of the deadly bullets fired, the target of physical damage caused by storms hit within a certain time and make it into a state of heart failure during critical strikes will stun attack.

Make Money Marketing Ideas in Aika(B)

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Tired of if you do not understand this then you Imagine if every day you can grab the next holy to kill to kill the game so that you will spend much time each day to play? can actually get the game (Aika Gold) compared with WOW why so many people out of dress, because tired because of delays in updating To avoid such a situation UQ delay the process of the player game can be seen from this fact, not many UQ’s capital but also with South Korean companies is estimated with the question. And We would provide you the cheapest Aika Powerleveling with the fastest delivery.

There is still no sure UQ own version of the next game update to go to when the individual feels This is a UQ oath on the record the understanding of the game in mind this is the wrong section of the game in Aika casual should be the main profit goal of decorative props and intensity should be the secondary and UQ is currently being vigorously with the money this game feel like a legend to me, PW is the 3-day opening service game time and 3 days into one to two years delay in the process it only in 2012 with the new version will only increase this amount to Banded commodity prices will lead to shrinking of the market profits will be less and less games will be less and less staff if things continue the game is fixed by the development of space can imagine how people actually make profits online games.

As a suitable puerile product strategy may change in early if your profits will be less then please return this part of the small advertising investment as it will give game creators to bring more and more players have been sworn in mind that a suitable number of Games people play with fewer people then the game will be no advantage of the current UQ’s business strategy can only make this product (Genesis oath in mind) have to say that the market decline is a failure of policy if the UQ to develop (from the current record of innovative business UQ oath taken by the strategic point of view the situation on the capital that UQ) and you do not have enough capital case can only change its strategy when playing the game more people can produce certain social effects of it for UQ’s Financing is also very convenient

Professional Introduction in Aika (B)

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Eye of hunting increase the value of the physical attack power hit. Dragon spirit to dragon breath of the soul to improve HP (Aika Gold) limit, and get promoted HP recovery speed. Tiger Kuanghao a certain period of time in and around the players to increase their HP in Aika and MP ceiling. Split to start a prairie fire to the weapons into the anger stirred into the earth to burst, so that the surrounding enemy by physical damage, and reduce speed.
Order Roaring around the enemy by fighting to the physical damage and make it dizzy. Potential within a certain time awakening to upgrade their skills, attack and crit values. [Must maintain a state of violent roar before use] Quick cut barbed bloodthirsty killing the enemy, to target a certain period of time under sustained physical damage and reduce it by a therapeutic effect. And We would provide you the cheapest Aika Powerleveling with the fastest delivery.

Iron wall roar increased in a certain period of time around the players themselves and the physical and magical defense power, and the abnormal state of immunity.
Chop chop chop strong flames by physical damage to the enemy target in a certain period of time and to not use the skills. Hell Lethal weapons from the air, holding down the Spirit in the Quanliyiji make enemies within the area designated by the large number of physical harm.