Detailed Things Should Know about Equipment in Aika (Part One)

Equipment to strengthen
FEDCB Equipment in Aika is to strengthen commercial npc by Arnold to strengthen the basic equipment is sub-level grades FEDCB, strengthen the arms of powder of two pulp equipment to points, but the powder and paste are also security level (aika gold) to sub-FEDCB. Enhanced when the level of equipment equal to or high-grade powder, slurry to be stronger, but it says the rare level (Aika Powerleveling) of equipment to strengthen the two when the slurry to strengthen +1 rating, all the equipment protection as +3, +4, or the beginning of degradation ringing off the hook equipment.
Equipment enchant system
Carmilla by commercial npc to add magical properties
No matter what equipment can be enchanted 3
In order to add magic to first understand the magic of crystal beads or consumption of a variety of magic magic spar crystal beads: low, intermediate, and 3 types of higher level, the system automatically assigns the highest equipment for at least 1 ~ 3 additional properties.

Therefore, the system automatically assigns the same types of additional property, but the highest value will be lower to a higher level changes, but equipped with the grade of the highest value added.

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