Tai Mai Division in Aika

The last stronghold magician who lived in Tai Mai Secretary magic practice area with the construction of urban students called Keira Han, formerly occurred in the previously contaminated with three Chinese place called Kayla in Aika, after ascending to heaven when Lai Qiya region coupled with the occurrence of pollution in the Western Division now only Tai Mai Han Kayla survived, scholars are trying to present magic to prevent pollution spreading to the ground, MIG military also began to do practical preventive measures, but also to the way they recruit brave to help resist the forces of evil. Monster infested areas for the red area, while the green area was contaminated areas.

Tai Mai Division North – Flame Wetlands
Tai Mai Division north of lava everywhere there is hot lava ejected, the player may not care would have been hurt, players in game (aika online gold) hunt monsters or take part in the war the war the country must not be taken lightly; lava fountain of the damage you can use magic defense or to value of harm reduction to reduce the value of some of the defensive injuries.
Tai Mai Division in the south – Radiation Area
Tai Mai Secretary particular time zone south of pollution will continue to issue pollution damage, although damage than the lava fountain is a small but cumulative damage to the standard can not be ignored, such damage can not be used to reduce the general defensive magic, the need to set with a special horse property in the riding state will not suffer harm. Currently selling in the mall to buy the horse riding and has been also will increase the “pollution damage reduction” property. Here we supply Aika Powerleveling service online with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look.

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