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Sniper Adding Points Experience in Aika

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Sniper Adding Points Experience in Aika
Aika sniper is a very different type of occupation, it is different from the traditional assassin or archer, which is in between jobs in Aika. Adding points for single speed to steal people of Kazakhstan together with interest. This is level (Aika Powerleveling) 50 plus with the simulator check.
1 order
Bomb an increase in spam enforcement skills 0 over the Achilles heel of skills cost is not high, it is proposed without High-angle shooting attack on 12 key high-skill to fill, some say too much consumption, and harvest to pay is directly proportional. Contain the 3-4 shooting skills in game (aika gold) to fight for your time. Stealth 5 speed is just flat Precision of 10 people on earth will know to fill.
2 order
Poisonous-gas bombs a cost not too high, so add a little. Eagle Eye 0 too short, it is recommended without. Focus 0 professional can not give you the opportunity destined to rival interrupt you if you want to beat opponents braved recommendations for occupational 7 crit power will certainly be a good thing to fill adding a little howitzer 0 people are not gang warfare in order to steal Start shooting a man to be the halo effect 5 seconds.

3 order
End of Goal 5 is a steal because you people, your career is also a career high attack, it is easy to steal 25% of the blood he left it to fill, taking him for a gun. Through the shells a plus point is that just in case, to the effect that he 1 Ibid Ciqiang attack Targeting 0 can be added that, but valuable skill points Yeah, do not add the reason is because my CD containing a short time, the results were better than his. X-14 self-propelled waste the skills to run 0. CD Precision Shooting 3 hurt another job too long, people steal the good stuff.

Factors Skills of Saints Cure Blood Volume in Aika (B)

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Average blood volume before wearing in Aika: 454 Average blood volume after wearing: 466. Conclusion 2. Equipment weapons (aika online gold), armor accessories than the sum of the maximum amount of healing 2 = contribution of blood volume
Mogong by different arms can be seen 100% of blood volume will affect the cure. PS guess sacred intensive care “increase” the cure amount and the same equipment to be only 2
The third study: arms Mogong. We already know that Blessing of the increase in Mo Gong is not valid. But the weapons and their own (with the increased level (Aika Powerleveling) will increase their Mogong) of Mo Gong is beneficial. Found hand weapons do not get it but there are still Mogong level will gradually increase as the. Magic attack power contribution is then? See below the test.

| Weapons | Mo Gong | Mo Gong increment | blood volume | increase blood volume |
N/A 466 N/A 1, and pure cane +16 N / A 466 N / A
477 +11 Rev. 8, 477 +11 +10 +26 cane
+28 +2 479 +2 Rev. 8, 479 +2 +2 +28 +1 cane
+2 481 +2 Rev. 8, 481 +2 +2 +30 +2 cane
+2 483 +2 Rev. 8, 483 +2 +32 +2 +3 cane
+4 487 +4 8 +37 +4 +4 stick Rev. 487 +4
+130 620 +133 Such as the Temple Mace +6 +167 32 620 +133 +130
Conclusion 3. Mogong weapons and their skills can contribute to cure blood volume factor 1 (PS itself Mogong is no analogy test)

Detailed Things Should Know about Equipment in Aika (Part One)

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Equipment to strengthen
FEDCB Equipment in Aika is to strengthen commercial npc by Arnold to strengthen the basic equipment is sub-level grades FEDCB, strengthen the arms of powder of two pulp equipment to points, but the powder and paste are also security level (aika gold) to sub-FEDCB. Enhanced when the level of equipment equal to or high-grade powder, slurry to be stronger, but it says the rare level (Aika Powerleveling) of equipment to strengthen the two when the slurry to strengthen +1 rating, all the equipment protection as +3, +4, or the beginning of degradation ringing off the hook equipment.
Equipment enchant system
Carmilla by commercial npc to add magical properties
No matter what equipment can be enchanted 3
In order to add magic to first understand the magic of crystal beads or consumption of a variety of magic magic spar crystal beads: low, intermediate, and 3 types of higher level, the system automatically assigns the highest equipment for at least 1 ~ 3 additional properties.

Therefore, the system automatically assigns the same types of additional property, but the highest value will be lower to a higher level changes, but equipped with the grade of the highest value added.

Tai Mai Division in Aika

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The last stronghold magician who lived in Tai Mai Secretary magic practice area with the construction of urban students called Keira Han, formerly occurred in the previously contaminated with three Chinese place called Kayla in Aika, after ascending to heaven when Lai Qiya region coupled with the occurrence of pollution in the Western Division now only Tai Mai Han Kayla survived, scholars are trying to present magic to prevent pollution spreading to the ground, MIG military also began to do practical preventive measures, but also to the way they recruit brave to help resist the forces of evil. Monster infested areas for the red area, while the green area was contaminated areas.

Tai Mai Division North – Flame Wetlands
Tai Mai Division north of lava everywhere there is hot lava ejected, the player may not care would have been hurt, players in game (aika online gold) hunt monsters or take part in the war the war the country must not be taken lightly; lava fountain of the damage you can use magic defense or to value of harm reduction to reduce the value of some of the defensive injuries.
Tai Mai Division in the south – Radiation Area
Tai Mai Secretary particular time zone south of pollution will continue to issue pollution damage, although damage than the lava fountain is a small but cumulative damage to the standard can not be ignored, such damage can not be used to reduce the general defensive magic, the need to set with a special horse property in the riding state will not suffer harm. Currently selling in the mall to buy the horse riding and has been also will increase the “pollution damage reduction” property. Here we supply Aika Powerleveling service online with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look.