Aika: Six Career Fulan Match Guide (Part Three)

Triads once again disabilities
Recommended with Type: Wind Fu Lan, Fire Fu Lan
Master of triads once again persons of a similar nature inAika, although a strong attack power, but be sure to practice only way to attack through the use of skills, it can be said that among the MP consumption is the highest of all occupations, but also because of this, very recommended triads once again disabilities can choose to use wind Fu Lan, not only can reduce the consumption of their own magic value, you can also increase their low HP (aika money) and response speed.
But attention to attacking players, the Fire Fulan can also raise the physical and magic attack power, so the fire can also choose to further enhance the Fulan attack power, to give the role of offensive power at the peak damage realm, but when such a decision makes magic practitioners relative to the consumption of many, the comparison would recommend to keep adequate capital and then choose.
Recommended with Type: Water Fu Lan, Wind Fu Lan
Saint’s blood and the defense force though not high, but has a very good secondary skills, not only can enhance the practice in Danlian efficiency, the more the team as a supplement to protect the work of his teammates, so not dead can be said that most of the saints were the goal, but can enhance the defense capability, and additional water Fulan magic value, it becomes a choice for those saints. We recommend you to buyAika Powerleveling service from our site, you can buy them at low price as you need.
In addition, team up for teammates when the need to keep supporting cast spells, to restore vitality and so on, so the magic value of consumption is also considerably large, it is also proposed to upgrade the saints may choose to reduce the magic back to magic and the value of consumption of the Wind Fu Lan, but also can improve the blood is not high vulnerability.

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