The Important Overarching Story to Aika

The name Aika refers to the the game world’s highest Gold: the Great Goddess Aika, who plays an important role in many aspects of the story and gameplay.Cheap Aika Gold can be bought in our website. Generally speaking, Aika created the world and then created several races of sentient beings, one of which–the Zereca–began to prey upon another–the Humans–and endanger its existence. To protect the Humans, Aika gathered them all upon one continent called Lakia and raised the entire continent up into the sky. Players enter this world as Aitan, sworn protectors of the Human race who must deal with the dire threat of the Zereca as they grow powerful enough to approach Lakia.
For the players concerned, who intend to explore the game’s single-player pursuit of plot, the story is very important. You can search our site for Aika Powerleveling service that brings you more satisfactorily. In PvP the way the story plays a role in less, but still important, because the Aika is the entity delegated certain powers to whose position will rise, which they can influence the political system of the complex game of posts and calls upon those who curse does not protect the well-being of each country provides a unique mysterious relics.

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