Aika professional Soldiers introduced

This is about professional soldiers in Aika , professional property: Power: 15; Agility: 9;Intelligence: 5;Manual: 16;Spiritual power: 5. If you need cheap aika gold you can visit our site and if you want to level up your character we provide the most secure Aika Powerleveling service .
The first phase of the skills table:Slugger – Oblique cut.
Charge Dash – Suddenly into the collisions, so that the enemy short of syncope.
Armor Break – Skills attack the enemy, and reduce the defense force within a certain period of time.
Incite – 1 to the enemy to display their increased risk of value.
Berserker – Violent period of time, increasing attack power and speed, but reduce the defense force.
Blade Storm – Sword to the enemies around the scope of damage.
The second phase of the skills table: Howl of Glory – To display their team members around a certain period of time increase the amount of HP and HP recovery.
Stark – Down the enemy.
Fortitude – Increase the hit value.
Dragonic Body – Increase the maximum HP.
Howl of Valor – To display their team members around to restore HP and MP.
Impact Ground – Sword inserted to burst, to reduce the speed range of harm soldiers.
The third phase of the skills table: Howl of war – Displaying a range of enemies to reduce the value Avoidance and hit with a high risk value.
Awakening – To display their wild state, and skills to increase crit attack power.
Thrust – Makes the enemy bleeding, formation of damage sustained, and reduce the recovery effect.
Howl of Defence – To display their team members around a certain period of time to increase the physical, magic defense power, abnormal state of immunity.
Halmont – Jump to a specific location, the shock wave through the ground around the enemy attack

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