Required information in Aika


Game gold and level, the most important two things for players in the Aika is playing games while earning aika gold and upgrading . The best way to save money is the primary task to do, creating discipline oath is not a monster game, the game currency,When do the primary task of the experience, the game currency, equipment, helpful to the players, get the task done Crit, the velocity of the stone is a high cost to complete the task, carefully confirmed the completion of the task. To enter level(Aika Powerleveling) 40 -50 copies to do the task before and also a good way to only one way .
The type of equipment : Equipment name good and bad colors to sub-equipment level. 
General: when the general fall in killing monsters or through production to get access to the equipment attached properties attached property through the use of paper to get confirmation.
Green: No confirmation equipment to a lack of people with confirmed volume, add the attribute does not attribute the equipment after the equipment’s name shows green.
Color: This color than half of property and equipment equipped, you can also add attributes.
Set equipment:. Different equipment sets and equipment are not the same name and colors, but additional effect of view was set after the effects wear a suit more.
Rare: given a copy of the oath of falling equipment in creative discipline in the game is the most expensive and most popular equipment.
Honor equipment: level 40,50,55 restrictions by three type of equipment is sacred honor war, national war, civil war, where available.

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