Guide for Cleric Equipment in Aika

It is easy to get level(aika online gold) 20 in this game. And you can have some cleric equipment from quest after level 23. So you can play the game easily. Once you have get level 24, you can do quest then you will get Superior Gloves, Superior Weapon and Superior Helm (shield for paladins and you can choose a reward like all superior items). With your level up in Aika, you will get Senior Aitan Set (32 stats, gives mostly defense stats, +HP/MP with full set) and Green Cleric Wand (32 Stats, gives +9 MAtk, +10% Damage to Demons, and +3 Hit. The damage vs. demons stacks with signet) from quest. And you can get Superior Weapon at level 32. When you are at level 40 you can get dress which will be given twice in two different quest. You will get Superior Gloves, Superior Shoes and Helmet which can Reinforced to +2. There will be bunch of crappy accessories from repeatable or non-repeatable quests such as Deleveled Level 48 Set and Silence Set.

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