PvP Guide for Classes in Aika

Warrior is strong class in 1v1 Pking. You can find it revitalizw scales far too well with high level(aika money) gear and Parry allows them to stomp Warlocks which isĀ  otherwise ridiculously overpowered because they were MASSIVELY overbuffed for Eaika.
Warlocks can fairly effortlessly tear apart the rest of the classes, due to how rigged Aether Flare is now. warlock can out move the gunners and the slow and stun with super low CD add to that the highest damage in Aika and the highest mag res 1 on 1 same level pvp the warlock will have it . unless your on a low end system slow net speed or pick up a O dam lag spike.
Then the mass PvP king is Cleric. Tempest, Revelation and Resurrection. The three skills that make-or-break raids. And Gunners have stealth, and also a spd decreas skilland above that, rifleman has 2 skills that makes the wizard unable to cast skills.
You can see group pvp will be according to taste and play style id go warrior for gross HP self regen and moderate damage tho the slowest of all movement speed. So warrior is also the cheapest to level.

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