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Aika professional Soldiers introduced

Monday, April 26th, 2010

This is about professional soldiers in Aika , professional property: Power: 15; Agility: 9;Intelligence: 5;Manual: 16;Spiritual power: 5. If you need cheap aika gold you can visit our site and if you want to level up your character we provide the most secure Aika Powerleveling service .
The first phase of the skills table:Slugger – Oblique cut.
Charge Dash – Suddenly into the collisions, so that the enemy short of syncope.
Armor Break – Skills attack the enemy, and reduce the defense force within a certain period of time.
Incite – 1 to the enemy to display their increased risk of value.
Berserker – Violent period of time, increasing attack power and speed, but reduce the defense force.
Blade Storm – Sword to the enemies around the scope of damage.
The second phase of the skills table: Howl of Glory – To display their team members around a certain period of time increase the amount of HP and HP recovery.
Stark – Down the enemy.
Fortitude – Increase the hit value.
Dragonic Body – Increase the maximum HP.
Howl of Valor – To display their team members around to restore HP and MP.
Impact Ground – Sword inserted to burst, to reduce the speed range of harm soldiers.
The third phase of the skills table: Howl of war – Displaying a range of enemies to reduce the value Avoidance and hit with a high risk value.
Awakening – To display their wild state, and skills to increase crit attack power.
Thrust – Makes the enemy bleeding, formation of damage sustained, and reduce the recovery effect.
Howl of Defence – To display their team members around a certain period of time to increase the physical, magic defense power, abnormal state of immunity.
Halmont – Jump to a specific location, the shock wave through the ground around the enemy attack

Required information in Aika

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


Game gold and level, the most important two things for players in the Aika is playing games while earning aika gold and upgrading . The best way to save money is the primary task to do, creating discipline oath is not a monster game, the game currency,When do the primary task of the experience, the game currency, equipment, helpful to the players, get the task done Crit, the velocity of the stone is a high cost to complete the task, carefully confirmed the completion of the task. To enter level(Aika Powerleveling) 40 -50 copies to do the task before and also a good way to only one way .
The type of equipment : Equipment name good and bad colors to sub-equipment level. 
General: when the general fall in killing monsters or through production to get access to the equipment attached properties attached property through the use of paper to get confirmation.
Green: No confirmation equipment to a lack of people with confirmed volume, add the attribute does not attribute the equipment after the equipment’s name shows green.
Color: This color than half of property and equipment equipped, you can also add attributes.
Set equipment:. Different equipment sets and equipment are not the same name and colors, but additional effect of view was set after the effects wear a suit more.
Rare: given a copy of the oath of falling equipment in creative discipline in the game is the most expensive and most popular equipment.
Honor equipment: level 40,50,55 restrictions by three type of equipment is sacred honor war, national war, civil war, where available.

Guide for Clerics Skill Set in Aika

Friday, April 16th, 2010

With your level(aika money) up, you can reset your skills at level 27. So lets start from level 27.
Pre-level(aika powerleveling) 27:
Level 1 sun ray
Level 1 resurrect
Max blessing
Max holy arrow
You can do other skills as you like because that is not important in the set.
Post-level 27:
Level 1 sun ray
Max angelic armor
Max cure
Max blessing
Max holy tempest
Keep 0 points in holy arrow then others do as you like in Aika.
Level 30:
Holy Tempest 01/01
Healing Corona 00/02
Shroud of Turin 01/02
Exalt 03/03
Holy Signet 01/03
Haste 02/04
Resurrect 01/05
Rejuvenate 00/06
Bless 06/06
Cure 07/07
Angelic Armor 07/07
Holy Arrow 01/08
Level 50:
Archangel’s Light 01/03
Revelation 03/03
Rapture 01/05
Holy Intervention 01/05
Holy Tempest 06/06
Healing Corona 00/07
Shroud of Turin 01/07
Holy Signet 01/08
Exalt 08/08
Haste 09/09
Resurrect 01/10
Rejuvenate 00/11
Bless 05/11
Angelic Armor 12/12
Holy Arrow 1/13

Aika Guide about Warrior Skills

Monday, April 12th, 2010

First there have only only level 5 level(aika money) lion heart. So you cant spent more points on it cuz of level cap. You just can spend 4 extra points compared to having it level 1, and another 4 extra points for having to put berserker to level 5 instead of 1.
The lion heart thing mostly comes from our point of view.  warrior is not like solo-character the one who kills, it is mostly party character. So in our opinoin maxing out party buffs and stuns are far more important than maxing out damage.
Second is armor break. Even if no one uses armor break in Aika, doesn’t there cannot be any discuss about if the skill actually works, or is it broken? Or is the armor-levels in the game really that insignificant, where 500 extra armor means nothing. Wether you have 1500 armor or 1000 armor, there should be huge difference, but when using armorbreaker, there have not much difference.
In most situations berserker doesn’t seem to stack with haste, or bless, the whole buff is semi-useless. So total 8 extra points spent for 130 extra skill damage and 4% crit. Such as you are having level 1 dragon slash with 5 lion heart does less damage than having level 3 dragon slash with level 1 lion heart.

Guide for Cleric Equipment in Aika

Friday, April 9th, 2010

It is easy to get level(aika online gold) 20 in this game. And you can have some cleric equipment from quest after level 23. So you can play the game easily. Once you have get level 24, you can do quest then you will get Superior Gloves, Superior Weapon and Superior Helm (shield for paladins and you can choose a reward like all superior items). With your level up in Aika, you will get Senior Aitan Set (32 stats, gives mostly defense stats, +HP/MP with full set) and Green Cleric Wand (32 Stats, gives +9 MAtk, +10% Damage to Demons, and +3 Hit. The damage vs. demons stacks with signet) from quest. And you can get Superior Weapon at level 32. When you are at level 40 you can get dress which will be given twice in two different quest. You will get Superior Gloves, Superior Shoes and Helmet which can Reinforced to +2. There will be bunch of crappy accessories from repeatable or non-repeatable quests such as Deleveled Level 48 Set and Silence Set.

PvP Guide for Classes in Aika

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Warrior is strong class in 1v1 Pking. You can find it revitalizw scales far too well with high level(aika money) gear and Parry allows them to stomp Warlocks which is  otherwise ridiculously overpowered because they were MASSIVELY overbuffed for Eaika.
Warlocks can fairly effortlessly tear apart the rest of the classes, due to how rigged Aether Flare is now. warlock can out move the gunners and the slow and stun with super low CD add to that the highest damage in Aika and the highest mag res 1 on 1 same level pvp the warlock will have it . unless your on a low end system slow net speed or pick up a O dam lag spike.
Then the mass PvP king is Cleric. Tempest, Revelation and Resurrection. The three skills that make-or-break raids. And Gunners have stealth, and also a spd decreas skilland above that, rifleman has 2 skills that makes the wizard unable to cast skills.
You can see group pvp will be according to taste and play style id go warrior for gross HP self regen and moderate damage tho the slowest of all movement speed. So warrior is also the cheapest to level.

Get XP in Scenarios of Warhammer

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

First commonly the best is Nordenwatch because there usually is a tug of war of push or be pushed. Khaines has exploding things that make a tug of war hard to do and Gates of Elkrund is good but plenty of los, levels(Warhammer Online Gold) and entrances to not make a solid deathmatch. Norden is usually preferable because the warcamp has the closest trainer so you can pop out turn in scenario and kill quests, get trained, and pop back in. Leveling is quick in T1 so really any of them is good but continually turning in the SC quest helps alot too and running around to turn them all in can restrain leveling.
Secondly mourkain Temple. Objective grab the flag kill the enemy. We used to hate how often MT would pop until we played a character with sole intention to level(Warhammer powerleveling) and then hated when any scenario other than MT popped. MT almost guarantees a 500 game, even the close games are 500-490 but hardly ever does a game get to 15 minutes. PT and ST will have more 15 min games and less 500 games because they are objective based, reqire more running around.
In PT it is wise to defend the flag but if you are defending you are not gaining xp until the enemy comes closer, which can be forever in a turtle match. ST almost the same, a lot of time spent chasing after the fc then actually fighting. In PT and ST teams can easily get spread out where in MT there is one focal point.
At last doomfist Crater, Tor Anroc, Temple of Isha. The way to get the most xp out of a scenario is to constantly be around the activity and for you to die less and kill more in Warhammer. For a scenario, the most rewarding is a scenario that basically puts your team up against the other team in a straight up deathmatch. Basically scenarios that involve less running around and have higher chances of getting to 500 under 15 minutes.