Dwarfs Guide in Warhammer

Discussion about the old army aside, the new one is alot less flexible. Your stubborn armoured dwarfs have a decent chance against man-sised beastmen. The army is less manuverable now, the huge amounts of skrmishers are gone. All this amounts to you doing what dwarfs do best: Stand rock solid and shoot and use runes we guess. Warhammer Gold service is online now.
Our new monsters are all large with little armour in Warhammer, so you can shoot all the heavy hitters down unless your opponent is really carefull and uses some good spells (there is really just one that helps against shooting, but a -1 to your shooting dice wont prevent you from causing casualties). Charriots alone are no threat, centigors arent pwn enough that you cant handle it, and you have nothing to worry about as to the ambush rule.
Most beastmen players (We assume this because every single beastmen player commenting the new ambush rules online seem sceptic, a 1/6 chance of getting your bestmen where you want them is not watering any mouths) wont use ambush units to any great degree. The above suggestion to just hug the rear of the table pretty much kills an ambush plan. Also, having a small unit facing your rear to block whats most likely gonna be a small ungor unit is an option.
Dwarf war machines that are properly guarded will chase off wimpy beastmen skirmishers. Ambush is annoying, but is so unreliable and the troops so weak they shouldn’t be that big a threat. Buy Warhammer powerleveling service on our site if you dont have time for your character.

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