Brets Guide in Warhammer(part one)

Knights but they are both the main strength and main theme of Bretts. To start we’d say 1 unit each of Realmies and Errants. Pegasus Knights: a bargain in game-point terms, and fun to paint. Maybe you need some more Warhammer Gold to make your character rich in game. please use our service when you need.
Then its time to think about how you want to play in Warhammer. Bretts have fewer options for play style than some other armies, but there are still some choices. Having 2 blocks of men at arms suggests you want to have some kind of foot line, so add some archers and a Field Treb.
Alternatively, take an all-mounted army more knights! We like to have some mounted yeomen in. They do a different job as diverters and war machine hunters. Some gaming groups avoid the named characters, so a Lord on a Griffin might make a colourful choice.
The “special” knights – Questing and Grail are a bit of a trickier choice. They fight better but die just as easily as normal knights, and its amazing how much worse the 2+ armour save is than the empires 1+ – crossbows and handguns will shrink your units. And successful play of Bretonnians demands one watchword.
So we strongly advise using Knights Errant-they are really cheap for what they can do and are Immune to Psychology, every turn they charge! Also, Grail Knights are fantastic-unit of 5-6 can brake most infantry units without any help.
The Green Knight is a great choice as well, and all friends quickly came to hate that guy with passion. Our advise is to use knights in units of 8 +a hero, use a lot of Knights Errant, unit of Grail Knights and Bowmen(table quarters, decent shooters) and charge as soon as youcan using multiple lances if possible. You also can buy Warhammer powerleveling on our site for your Knight.
You can “pick” on enemy units you wish to break, charge them with 2 lances and job done-of course it is not THAT easy, but if you run your army properly it goes like that-and dont forget to take the Blessing EVERY game.

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