Guide : Turn on AA and AF in Warhammer

Guide : Turn on AA and AF in WarhammerDate:02-01-2010views: 9Author: Editor: ljText Size: A A A Since many people have question about you cant use these functions in the beta we decided to collect a little guide for those of you using Nvidia cars(I’m sure ATI is similar) in Warhammer from other site. AA and AF are not part part of the graphics quality settings, they are post processing features of your graphics cards and are available on just about every game even if the game settings dont turn them on. Surely you can. Under “view” select advanced, Under 3d settings in the task window, Open the Nvidia control panel, select “manage 3d settings”, Under the Program settings tab, click the Add button, locate where you installed war.exe, select it, then click ok, select desired anisotropic filtering level(Warhammer Gold) turn antialiasing to “Override application setting”, then select desired AA level you can also turn on Texture filtering : anisotropic sample optimization if you desire. Perhaps rename the application and make a shortcut called war.exe (not war.exe.lnk). No one can post any more screenshots with tons of jagged lines. Changing the extension only changes default application launches, not the usability of the file (for instance, rename a .JPG to .DOC and then open it manually in a picture viewer. it still works). We are not sure this would work, and at work and cannot try it, but hey. Someone take the ball and run with it dangit! You can got cheapest and fast Warhammer powerleveling service from our site. You can see: With high AA and AF settings enabled, WAR looks amazing, much better than without them. Not perfect, mind you, but then what is? Except a goblin climbing inside of a squig, naturally. Hope you can got help from it.

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