A Question for Range in Warhammer

Welcome to Mmooffers! Here is from other site that something about Warhammer. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

Range. As a melee in PvP(Warhammer Gold) the ability to cover range is vital. We just yesterday got some information regarding the marauder’s abilities in this area- charge and the tentacle, and root-removing “buff”. We were wondering what kind of similiar abilities do the blorc and chosen have to a cover range quickly in order to reach their target, staying mobile and not getting kited until the end of days, unable to fight back.

Well, sadly neither the black orc nor the chosen have any ability to close the distance between themselves and another player(Warhammer Online Gold). However, they do have 2 abilities on realatively short timers. They have a juggernaught ability which will remove all snares and make them immune to snares for X seconds. They also have an AoE root ability that is also instant cast. This means that if you can get up on them a little, you can you root them.

Being kited as a chosen and black orc was a BIG problem in early beta. But Mythic listened and the current system seems to work very well now. There are alot of factors that make this more even like: tanks can un-snare and can snare others, no caster can run around in a circle and kill you will instant cast DoTs, casters go down FAST under direct melee, the strongest ranged dps classes dont have a lot of snares. All this works pretty well together today.

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