The Guild System of Warhammer(One)

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When we heard about Warhammers(Warhammer Gold) living guild system we became very excited that the good old days may be coming back. When first reading about all the features and rewards for guilds, we couldn’t help but feel like a breath of fresh air was about to hit the MMO scene. For those of you that have not heard about these rewards and features, let me run down a few for you.

The Guild itself levels, much the same as the players do. There are 40 player levels(Warhammer Online Gold) and 40 guild ranks. The guild increases it’s rank through Public Quests, Standard Quests, unlocking items in the Tome of Knowledge, exploration, and RVR. With each rank you unlock features, and tactics for your guild. Tactics are enchantments that help in your battles and there are 3 different types: Offensive, Defensive and Stat Enhancement.

These enhancements help people in your guild as you fight the other faction, and are held on your Guild Banner or Standard. Standards are another cool feature. On top of carrying your guild’s enhancements, you can also place trophies on your banner to show off past victories. Each guild has a Standard Bearer that carries your banner into battle.

The Standard Bearer is not able to use his own abilities while carrying your banner but as your guild levels it unlocks abilities for your guild’s Standard Bearer, such as swinging the Standard itself as a weapon and planting it into the ground and allowing the Standard Bearer to fight along side your guild while still maintaining the buffs from the banner.

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