Something About Kneel in TCOS

Here is Mmooffers. The information in TCOS that we got it from other site. If you are interested in this guide, hope you like it.

TCoS(The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold) rules. We downloaded it a couple days ago and damn its got our inner-nerd all tingly. Its 1am as we write this and we are gonna have to call in sick to work, obviously have not done that since our first week in WoW. Its a rough gem you guys got here but its brilliance shines through. combat is awesome and we love the art style and animations and spell effects. The house system and pvp for shards sounds great so we hope those features get developed. hope.

Please develop this game(TCOS Gold). Make a cashshop or whatever, we would pay monthly for this game so whatever you wanna do to make this worth your while. We do not care telethons, fund raiser dinners. kneel before the designers of this game. We used to play D&D, we even played the night before the fiesta bowl in 92′ and this game gives me a similiar feeling like we would actually want to roleplay in this mmo.

Follow the yellowbrick road thats already laid and make the pvp meaningful. make the disciplines different and cool and specialized and balanced and worth making 6 alts cuz each is so different and cool. Then give us cool dungeons for a change of pace to raid big dragons and demons and shit.

Thanks for your reading. Just have fun in this game! Please contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

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