Part One: The Useful FAQs about Warhammer

Hope you like the followingWarhammer guide which selected from the other website by me, but it’s not my work, Mmooffers just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.

Please tell us about the squig herder and its dps compared to other dps classes(Warhammer Gold) range. Hard to say at this point. There arent any damage meters yet so its kinda hard to say. We would say that they hit HARD. They seem to do as much as the sorc or bright wzi or witch hunter, but the SH has WAY more survivability.

With regards to open RVR and the scenarios, would you say one army is much better, and wins more often then the other? For instance, does Order tend to lose 70% of their open RVR battles scenarios? Or have you found it to be very much even as to which side wins, when it comes to battles?

We would say that, on the beta servers, destruction is just about always in greater supply(Warhammer Online Gold). However, we think that destruction seems to “loose” more than order. Why? No idea. The classes are pretty evenly matched. It might be that there is more ranged dps characters and this means more destruction dieing. But who knows really.

Honestly, there is a great deal of back and forth and back and forth durring RvR. It doesnt seem like any one side dominates too long. you didn’t mention this in your guide but lets say we die and get the 10 minute debuff. 5 minutes later we die again. does the debuff go back to 10 minutes with the increased penalty or does will it stay at 5 minutes with the increased penalty? yes, it gets refreshed.

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