White Lion of High Elf in Warhammer

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Mechanics: Melee DPS/Pet. Mechanic Description: White lions are an interesting take on the WoW style hunter. First the White Lion is pretty much a pure dps class with some crowd control. Here is the best online website for players to buy Warhammer Online Gold service.

The difference is that the white lion must be right there up front with his lion. The white lion executes attacks that buff his lion or others in the group. He also possesses skills that will cripple other players(Warhammer Gold). Unlike WoW, where a Hunter would need a different pet for tanking and one for DPS, the White Lion uses the SAME pet for each role.

The difference is that the white lion can choose to “train” his lion for different uses. And this can be done on the fly and in combat! There are three skill sets you can train for your lion and each one gives the lion different abilities. There is a DPS set, Tanking set, and Group utility set.

Special note: Just a little note on the war lion. The lion starts out as a very simple looking lion with no armor. As you go up in level, your lion changes looks and gets bigger. Util at level 40 the lion has a fair amount of armor and is VERY large. It’s a cool effect.

his is a very fun class to play. Great soloability and great in a group as DPS. The lion itself looks very cool and we just love swinging that axe around while my lion claws and bites. The only drawback again is that the white lion must be in melee range to have any effect at all, which means wading into the melee fry at the center of the fight and taking LOTS of damage.

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