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Something About Kneel in TCOS

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Here is Mmooffers. The information in TCOS that we got it from other site. If you are interested in this guide, hope you like it.

TCoS(The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold) rules. We downloaded it a couple days ago and damn its got our inner-nerd all tingly. Its 1am as we write this and we are gonna have to call in sick to work, obviously have not done that since our first week in WoW. Its a rough gem you guys got here but its brilliance shines through. combat is awesome and we love the art style and animations and spell effects. The house system and pvp for shards sounds great so we hope those features get developed. hope.

Please develop this game(TCOS Gold). Make a cashshop or whatever, we would pay monthly for this game so whatever you wanna do to make this worth your while. We do not care telethons, fund raiser dinners. kneel before the designers of this game. We used to play D&D, we even played the night before the fiesta bowl in 92′ and this game gives me a similiar feeling like we would actually want to roleplay in this mmo.

Follow the yellowbrick road thats already laid and make the pvp meaningful. make the disciplines different and cool and specialized and balanced and worth making 6 alts cuz each is so different and cool. Then give us cool dungeons for a change of pace to raid big dragons and demons and shit.

Thanks for your reading. Just have fun in this game! Please contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

Part One: The Useful FAQs about Warhammer

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Hope you like the followingWarhammer guide which selected from the other website by me, but it’s not my work, Mmooffers just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.

Please tell us about the squig herder and its dps compared to other dps classes(Warhammer Gold) range. Hard to say at this point. There arent any damage meters yet so its kinda hard to say. We would say that they hit HARD. They seem to do as much as the sorc or bright wzi or witch hunter, but the SH has WAY more survivability.

With regards to open RVR and the scenarios, would you say one army is much better, and wins more often then the other? For instance, does Order tend to lose 70% of their open RVR battles scenarios? Or have you found it to be very much even as to which side wins, when it comes to battles?

We would say that, on the beta servers, destruction is just about always in greater supply(Warhammer Online Gold). However, we think that destruction seems to “loose” more than order. Why? No idea. The classes are pretty evenly matched. It might be that there is more ranged dps characters and this means more destruction dieing. But who knows really.

Honestly, there is a great deal of back and forth and back and forth durring RvR. It doesnt seem like any one side dominates too long. you didn’t mention this in your guide but lets say we die and get the 10 minute debuff. 5 minutes later we die again. does the debuff go back to 10 minutes with the increased penalty or does will it stay at 5 minutes with the increased penalty? yes, it gets refreshed.

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Warhammer: Sword Master of High Elf

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Hope you like the following Warhammer guide which selected from the other website by me, but it’s not my work, Mmooffers just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.

Mechanics: Tank/Sword Balance. Mechanics Description: The Sword(Warhammer Gold) Master is a strong elf tank capable of putting out some nice damage and taking some hits too. Their combat abilities are broken down into 3 groups. Executing an ability from the first group allows you to execute abilities in the second group.

Abilities executed in the second group allow you to execute abilities in the third group. Executing an ability in the third group re-sets your sword(Warhammer Online Gold) balance back to skills in the first group.

The sword master has a wide range of abilities that all center around tanking and melee damage. They also offer some decent group buffs that you can keep active in your group.

Our Opinion: This is a solid class. The sword master can solo very well and is a welcome part of every group. Their sword balance mechanic can be a little confusing and cumbersome at first and takes some getting used to. At least you have many levels to familiarize yourself with the style.

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White Lion of High Elf in Warhammer

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Hello again readers! There are so many Warhammer questions asked over and over again. Here Mmooffers has collected the correlative information about it. Hope it can drive your attention.

Mechanics: Melee DPS/Pet. Mechanic Description: White lions are an interesting take on the WoW style hunter. First the White Lion is pretty much a pure dps class with some crowd control. Here is the best online website for players to buy Warhammer Online Gold service.

The difference is that the white lion must be right there up front with his lion. The white lion executes attacks that buff his lion or others in the group. He also possesses skills that will cripple other players(Warhammer Gold). Unlike WoW, where a Hunter would need a different pet for tanking and one for DPS, the White Lion uses the SAME pet for each role.

The difference is that the white lion can choose to “train” his lion for different uses. And this can be done on the fly and in combat! There are three skill sets you can train for your lion and each one gives the lion different abilities. There is a DPS set, Tanking set, and Group utility set.

Special note: Just a little note on the war lion. The lion starts out as a very simple looking lion with no armor. As you go up in level, your lion changes looks and gets bigger. Util at level 40 the lion has a fair amount of armor and is VERY large. It’s a cool effect.

his is a very fun class to play. Great soloability and great in a group as DPS. The lion itself looks very cool and we just love swinging that axe around while my lion claws and bites. The only drawback again is that the white lion must be in melee range to have any effect at all, which means wading into the melee fry at the center of the fight and taking LOTS of damage.

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By the way, this guide was taken from other site, and we can’t found the author, thanks her or him very much!

The Greenskin of Warhammer Shaman

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Seriously guys, this is Mmooffers. Welcome to our website! Here I bring you a guide if you are a Warhammer Player, and we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. And our site has collected the information on other site.

Mechanics: Ranged DPS/Healer/Waaagh! Mechanic Description: Just as the Archmage this class(Warhammer Gold) is really well balanced and makes great sense so does the Shaman. The shaman has a good collection of healing spells and some AoE spells too. Each of your damage spells cast builds your Gork’s Waaagh which makes your healing more potent.

Each of your healing(Warhammer Online Gold) spells cast builds your Mork’s Waaagh which makes your damage spells more potent. This mechanic is one of the best and most fun mechanics that Mythic has implemented in warhammer. You can really have your cake (heal) and eat it too.

Our Opinion: Very solid and well balanced class. We also really like they way they look. Their size makes you hide in groups better and their style is really cool. Fun to play in you want to heal and DPS.

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Monday, December 7th, 2009

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